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Absorption Barrier Only Working on User

I'm having an issue exactly like the title says. Yanfly's Absorption Barrier plugin is working just fine on the user with <User Barrier: +X> but <Target Barrier: +X> doesn't work. I've tried messing with the editable stuff in the plugin, turned off all other plugin to see if something was interfering... The kicker is, it used to work! Just one day while testing... nothing. I dunno what the deal is. It's clearly working as the caster gets a barrier but everyone else... nope.

Any help fixing this would be greatly appreciated.
Now this merger thing has happened (and I still haven't figured this out) I figured maybe I'd ask again since maybe some new eyes might see it. I still don't know why it just broke itself for no reason I can discern.


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@LTN Games Do you happen to know how to figure this out?

@Naterkix I'm asking around on other places to try and help you out. No luck thus far, but I'll keep you posted!
Okay, so, while I still am not having luck with the absorption barrier, using States and the State Protection plugin I found a similar thing that reduces damage coming in with something like <HP Protection: Damage Cut 75%> put into a state.