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  1. Trumully

    [Workshop] Trumully's Writing Workshop

    Hello! I am willing to give my service of writing for any one. And, for free! That's right, free! I can write a lot of things from lore to quest to dialogue. I can do a lot of things! I can't really give you much of a sample of what I do, as I am basically just kickstarting and going right to...
  2. Trumully

    Trumully's Campaign

    Hey there! My name is @Trumully! I have applied for moderator, and I am glad to say, I have qualified for the voting! Now, for the hard part. I must win you over. My campaign may not be creative as others, but I'll give you what I got. I am @Trumully. I have been using RPG Maker VX Ace for 6...
  3. Trumully

    I Played LOTRO for YouTube

    My video of my episode 1 gameplay of LOTRO! Tell me what you think! No commentary as I prefer none and I don't know what to say XD