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  1. CynicSyndrome

    can you check if a tile contains an event with a conditional scriptcall using either tile xy or screen xy?

    can you check if a tile contains an event with a conditional script call using either tile xy or screen xy? I cannot seem to find the right script for this, also I am wondering how to call for the value of map weather.
  2. Goldblaze

    MV Proximity-Based Event Fading

    Hi, I've been to figure out how to make a system that will fade in events seamlessly as the player gets within a certain radius of them. An example would be a platform that would fade in when the player is within 3 tiles of that event, and when the player moves out of that range, the event fades...
  3. Lorsynth

    Tileset Lorsynth's Orginal Interfaces & Parallax Resources

    http://ko-fi.com/D1D8I8KK Consider supporting me so I can make resources as more than a hobby! Free to use, with or without credit in both commercial and hobby games. Enjoy. <3 Felth Themed Resources / New Resources OLD RESOURCES
  4. Stevushka


    Hey all you tileset creators, I was starting to create the tilesets for my game, when I decided a template would be helpful! So, I've created one that works for both "Inside_A4" and "Outside_A4", in three different resolutions; 768x720 (what RPG Maker MV uses), 384x360, and 192x180 (both are...
  5. K

    Sprites and Horror resources

    Hello! I am currently working on a horror game, getting all sorts of resources for this idea I have. ^^ I kindly ask anyone willing to help me to point me to some good, free tilesets and objects I can use for a horror game set in a somewhat spacious mansion (hah, kinda reminds of Mad Father...
  6. Ton Jense

    Hi everyone....

    Hi, My name is Ton Jense. I'm 65, live in the Netherlands and am completely new to RPGMaker. I have plans to create a game for a non-commercial purpose. I do have some programming experience (not RPG though). I also have a global idea on what the game will be about, but with my current...
  7. Amysaurus

    Amy's Pixel Art

    Hey guys! Here's where I'll be stuffing keeping a bit of my artwork. :rswt Feel free to take a look and/or leave a comment! Just no using or reposting without my permission, and all of that good stuff. Thanks for looking!
  8. Joshua Amado

    A Pirate's Ship for Me

    Hey Everyone! Quick question, I'm working in MV and wondering if there is a good pirate ship or even regular ship tileset that will work? I need one to continue my story in a game my company is working on. If anyone has any ideas or even the Tilesets do you mind posting below? and in advance...
  9. PandaMaru

    Tileset Maru's MV Bits

    Terms of Service: Here we go.