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story writing

  1. Jordan Winslow

    How a False Diagnosis Led to the Creation of One of the Most Passionate Music Producers in the U.S.!

    I WAS WHAT THEY CALLED A “TROUBLED” CHILD. I was the class clown. It seemed to the faculty at Lumpkin County Elementary that I could not focus on any work they gave me and it was suggested I may have something wrong with my brain. As time went on, I became very well acquainted with the...
  2. Jd_Uchiha

    Hello, fellow rpgmaker shinobi!

    I am Jordan Uchiha. Been an rpgmakermv user for maybe 2 years now. I have about 3-4 different gaming projects I am currently working on. One is a pre-zombie game, that is solely story-telling, simple quest with no fighting or battle system. *Once completed i will then make a part 2 which...
  3. Stevushka

    'TAT: The Life RPG' Series?

    Hey Everyone, I'm still in the early stages of development for my game, 'The Adventures Of Todd: A School RPG', but recently I've been thinking of the future of the game, and what I would work on next, after I finish TAT:ASRPG. Just the other day, I first thought of making DLCs for TAT:ASRPG...

    Ummmmm i need help

    Well my problem for now is the story of the game, at first i had an idea for a story but then its started to make no sense at all and i decide to remove my old cast and make a new one .... And this part is where i need you guys ..... I want you to create a story using these 4 characters like...
  5. Chiffonn

    [FREE] Story, Scenario and world building. The Cake gallery is now open!

    Why hello there~ Welcome to Chiffonn's cake gallery! In here you can requests on what kind you want, just give me your current ideas, if you have some. If you don't, well, you can just tell the baker to create his own masterpiece. Baker? Patissiere? You ask if there's more to Me than meets...
  6. SalmonWine

    Recruitment for Silence

    Silence is designed to be a very atypical RPG. It features no elemental system, heavy focus on stat re-balance through equipment, and planning your turn based on a the speed of your party and the effects of skills. For more info on silence, you can view the main thread here...