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sprite request

  1. yomaniac

    Sprite Similar to the Mothman for MV

    Hi, I am making a game and was wondering if anyone would like to or knows of a character sprite similar to the mothman. This is a picture of what it looks like. This is a sprite by IntenseTomato that I saw however, I would like one larger than the player and more detailed and scarier. It...
  2. Speedpaint Nightcore


    Hey guys. I'm desperately looking for a sprite artist who can help me create my characters for my game. I have the artist creating bust images I just need someone who can create the actual sprites. I'll provide all the required information so that it makes your job easier but I need someone ASAP...
  3. Kazz

    A boss enemy sprite for a side-view battle system?

    Uh, if anyone is willing, I'd like to request a boss enemy with the following description: A translucent red (think avatar) woman with white, red-laced wings, brown-orange hair, and rune markings on her face (it doesn't matter if she's in a flying pose or not). She wears a toga and wields a...
  4. K

    Sprites and Horror resources

    Hello! I am currently working on a horror game, getting all sorts of resources for this idea I have. ^^ I kindly ask anyone willing to help me to point me to some good, free tilesets and objects I can use for a horror game set in a somewhat spacious mansion (hah, kinda reminds of Mad Father...
  5. Delz2k

    (DBS) Future Trunks Sprite

    Hello! I am looking for somebody to make a sprite sheet for Future Trunks! I will heavily credit you in the game if you do, also, if you need to contact me, add me on skype : hollow.09 A picture of the character will be attached to this post. Thanks!
  6. Nantas

    A Child Sprite (faceset, charset, sv actor) as an actor

    Hello everyone !! I'm working on my project "High Chivalry", and I need some graphics for my game. In fact, I lack of resources and I neet an entire spriteset of a child, one of the main actors of my game. By entire spriteset, I mean an entire Faceset, Charset and Sideview actor set for RPG...
  7. Lukhurd

    Neritania: Tale of the Wylkar (recruitment)

    Hello everyone, I'm currently working on a game and I need a title screen, a menu background image, a game over screen, and custom enemies but digital art is not my thing. Any artists who would like to provide me with such images? I'll tell you what I have in mind though if you want to help me...
  8. I

    In Need of a Front View Battle Portrait of Harold

    I cannot find a front view battler of him. Harold is the default hero in RPG Maker MV (AKA: Actor 1_1)