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  1. MugenDraco

    Keeping an NPC In a Region

    I want to keep a randomly moving NPC inside a certain area. I've marked this area with a Region ID of 1. I have a Parallel event running to check if the NPC's random movements take her outside of Region 1. I'm using a conditional statement, and the If clause is the following script...
  2. tsibley13

    [New Game] Trading Card Game Recruitment and Help!

    Hello there, beautiful RPG scholars! (cheeky) I'm new in this community so if this post is misplaced, please let me know and I will take care of it. I used to be part of a free RPG making team back when RPG Maker XP and VX was the thing but my job made me take a few years away from the system...
  3. N

    Way to make another or edit the knockout state?

    Hello! I had this cool idea (in my mind anyway) that one mechanic in this game would be that Mana or MP whichever you like to refer to magic points as, would play a key role in not only the story but gameplay. I want to basically make it to where if the player runs out of MP they are knocked out...
  4. mega01man

    Unpassable Tile

    Hello! I posted this on rpgmakerweb and haven't gotten a response in a week. I want to ask it here I'm still learning this. I got an answer! You can check the answer here.
  5. Neil London

    Dialog while event is moving but waiting till finished to start new dialog

    I hope this is in the right place I'm trying to start an event movement with dialog while it is moving, BUT I don't want the next dialog to start until the movement is completed and the event start moving again. From what I understand, you either have the event moving with no dialog until...
  6. monyarm

    Script calls run in the wrong order.

    im currently using this plugin https://gist.githubusercontent.com/jeremyckahn/3990e87240d68bf227da/raw/360f1af338916f3585e2e8a311b9525428774f1f/ExecScript.js which lets me run whole js files through an event script call, and this is the file im using http://pastebin.com/tEY5Hp18, currently i am...
  7. CWStudio

    Gauge Scripting Help[ please :)

    essentially I need a script for My game where you need to keep animal happy , Provide food for it, play with it, but also protect it. now protecting it is in the battle and I have that all set but I need a way that the animals Happiness can be gauged so if it goes to long with out attention the...
  8. JavaHut

    Hello all...

    I just wanted to introduce myself as JavaHut. I have started to work on RMMV plugins since I have a background in JavaScript programming. I enjoy it a lot and would be willing to help anyone who has a question about scripting. You can check out my plugins by searching for JavaHut. Thanks!
  9. Lore

    Weapon Damage Formulas

    Hi folks, I'm developing some of my weapons in my project to have an adaptive damage modifier. For example, a sword that deals more damage the less health the character has, or a staff that boosts the healing effect on the target proportionate to the caster's max HP. (Each of these weapons...
  10. Y

    Need Help in Scipting - Deleting some space on Save/Load Screen

    Hey everyone, probably easy for you, but difficult for me: I want to delete the "File" space on save/load screen. When I try to remove it I always do something wrong and get errors. For easier understanding here's a screenshot: That's my current script...
  11. MagusRising

    Hi everyone, MagusRising here, but you can call me Nick

    I've been using RPG Maker since RPG Maker 2000. I'm a professional IT guy: (Network-Systems Analyst/Consultant for Windows & Linux, and an IBM AS/400 iSeries Operator) I also own and run a small remote IT support company called Byrd Diagnostics. Website here: byrddiagnostics.tk I'm an avid...
  12. SalmonWine

    Ally and Enemy Event Skills?

    Need some help with how formulas work. For the game I've been working, I want attacks that can A.) Target an enemy AND attacker B.) Pick one target, ally or enemy For example, I want to make a skill that kills the user and deals massive damage to one target. Or, make a conversion skill...
  13. Trumully

    Help with Scripting a Conditional Branch

    Hello! I am trying to create a conditional branch in RPG Maker using scripting that checks if a character's MP is at 0 and then gives the player a game over. I have tried looking for other alternatives to work around scripting but I couldn't find anything. If anyone can help me with the...
  14. LTN Games

    [Scripting] Window_MenuStatus TP gauage ?

    I looked and looked through the Window core and I can't find where it draws the tp gauge in the status section of the main menu when tp is active in the database. Inside the Window_MenuStatus is a drawItemStatus and inside that is drawActorSimpleStatus, but within that is only mp, tp, name etc...
  15. LTN Games

    [Scripting] Regular Expressions

    I am having a hell of a time getting my regular expression to match properly, my first regular expression worked well as far as I know, but now that I need to account for a double-digit number, every time I get the output of the match it's only a piece of what I am trying to capture. First of...
  16. HumanBLuE

    Removing Mp Gauge?

    Hey, I don't have a single clue about scripting and confused on what I should cut in the rpg_winows.js to remove the Mp Gauge. My game doesnt use it so I think it's kinda silly that it is there. Any help would be great!
  17. Run

    Help with creating plugin commands

    So I'm fairly new to scripting, and I just started on a second plugin when I noticed that it collided with my first plugin. It seems that I have implemented plugin commands incorrectly and caused them to call each other, which causes the stack size to be exceeded. Here's the code I used for...
  18. Run

    Hello to Everyone!

    Hi, I'm Thomas, 23, from Ireland. I'm a software developer primarily using Java. I'm new to RPG Maker and since I know some javascript, I plan on making as many plugins and scripts as I can. I'm currently working on a randomized loot plugin, I've only started it today but have already made good...
  19. LTN Games

    [Scripting]Centering drawTextEx

    Curious how one would go about centering drawTextEx according to the windows width? I mean I understand how to do it, but a bit stuck on getting it done correctly. So this is what I attempted... var tx = LTN.Param.windowWidth / 2 ; Assuming this would center the X value of the text properly...
  20. LTN Games

    [Scripting] Imported

    I notice in Yanfly's plugins he puts var Imported = Imported || {};Imported.YEP_VictoryAftermath = true; I am curious if this is a good practice? I'm assuming it's great for compatibility reasons, considering I've recently had to make one of my plugins compatible with Yanfly's Victory Aftermath...