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  1. N

    Help Please - Script calls - commands

    Hello everyone! (Sorry for my english in advanced) I am trying to make a movement route to an event (by scripting) but i have no idea scripting.. But i guess (hope) it is kinda of easy what i need.. ----------------------------------------------------- 1 Step) Event Command = Show Animation...
  2. jaye

    Script codes for specific actors

  3. Mr. Open

    Message text editing?

    Hello! I was trying to make my in-game messages more varied and I was wondering if there's a way to make the text or the dialogue box written in Bold or in Italics? If no, is there a script for RPG Maker MV enabling it? I know there was no such option in VX Ace, but there was a script made by...
  4. Arthur França

    Attributes increased based on battle conditions

    Hi everyone! I'm breaking my bones to understand js, but it's rlly hard to me. Any way, i'm sure I'll be proefficient (some day). But if anyone could gimme a little help, i'd be very grateful: I'm trying to make a system that the attributes of the actor will not increase based on level up, but...
  5. victhompson

    Hey there!

    Hi guys, I`m an old RPG afficionado. Have being around in some tables as a dungeon master and also tried my ways in design games back in to the RPG Maker 2k era. Aiming to get back now. As I consider myself some sort of writter (used to do it more often, though), I really like to debate and...
  6. Run


    Hi everyone! I'm a script developer returning from an almost 2 years absence. I thought that was long enough to be posting a new introduction thread, so here it is. I originally got into RPG Maker 10 or so years ago for fun, always had an interest in game development. I eventually moved from...
  7. Mr. Open

    Converting Script from RMVX Ace to RMMV?

    Hello! I was trying to make a HUD based on a simple tutorial from RPG Maker VX Ace, but I got one problem with the script used in the common event. (Source/tutorial I've used) And here's the script that I cannot convert into RMMV format: mhp = $game_party.members[0].mhp hp =...
  8. Theonean

    Tile Swap Problems

    Hey guys it's me(you probably won't recognize me) I am trying to include the tile swap plugin in my game because I want,no NEED to use it. I wasn't able to find any comprehensive guides to the subject and was wondering inf anyone could lead me into it?
  9. jaye

    Resistance Script

    Is there any script to increase element resistance? Ex. eat an apple and gain 5% light resistance.
  10. jaye

    Conditional Branches in Script

    I am trying to write my own plugin, but I can't figure out how to correctly write a two conditional script. For example: if (item id equals this and switch is on) { then do this } Does anyone know how to properly script this statement? Thank you in advance!
  11. SteveHead

    [Help!] Condition: Specific Actor in first position

    Hello everyone ! In my game, I want that a specific action plays ONLY when the actor N% is in first position of the team. Did you know a script which is able to do that ? Thanks a lot ! PS: Sorry for my English, i'm french :p
  12. CynicSyndrome

    Need Help With Passability Check

    who can help me with this? My goal is a system of checking a tile at $gameVariables.value(x) and $gameVariables.value(y) coordinates, that the player is NOT STANDING NEXT TO, and determine which directions that tile can be entered from and exited from. Seems like no matter what I do I get...
  13. N

    Effective way to modify basic script

    I'm currently learning .Js right now and tried to modify menu right now straight to the problem : lets say , in drawActorSimpleStatus , its a function that draw all the status the actor has (name, level , class , hpbar , mpbar) in the default menu let's say I wanted to make the menu didnt draw...
  14. mega01man

    Unpassable Tile

    Hello! I posted this on rpgmakerweb and haven't gotten a response in a week. I want to ask it here I'm still learning this. I got an answer! You can check the answer here.
  15. jaye

    HP for MP?

    Is there any way to code for a character to have Mp and Not Hp? A script or something?
  16. monyarm

    Script calls run in the wrong order.

    im currently using this plugin https://gist.githubusercontent.com/jeremyckahn/3990e87240d68bf227da/raw/360f1af338916f3585e2e8a311b9525428774f1f/ExecScript.js which lets me run whole js files through an event script call, and this is the file im using http://pastebin.com/tEY5Hp18, currently i am...
  17. Alanshor

    Wait via JavaScript

    Hello World :D The $gameInterpreter.wait(frames) - Command didnt work. Can someone help me there? Have a nice Day! Alan
  18. andermon

    Respawn Player help

    I really am stumped when it comes to respawning. I have tried everything to get that pesky game over sign to go away and just spawn at the closest town or last checkpoint or whatever. Does ANYONE know how I could resolve this? It's when the player dies from random encounters I can't figure out...
  19. Y

    Need Help in Scipting - Deleting some space on Save/Load Screen

    Hey everyone, probably easy for you, but difficult for me: I want to delete the "File" space on save/load screen. When I try to remove it I always do something wrong and get errors. For easier understanding here's a screenshot: That's my current script...
  20. PollySu

    Coming for some "script" thing\>O</

    Halo, everybody! NEW here obviously... Wanna learn some practical skills from you guys... OR develop some deeeeeeeep online-friendship(pumpkin) Finally, I really wanna know how "script" uses in RM MV. I've already started my Javascript journey on Khan Academy and it's cool! But, sadly, no...