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  1. Stevushka

    Artist + Voice Actors Needed! (Volunteers!)

    Hey everyone, long story short, I decided to remove voice acting, and I no longer require help with the art... As a part of my school's club, FBLA, and my Senior-year Game Design Class, I now have 6 other people helping me, 3 are artists. One for face portraits, another for top-down sprites...
  2. Stevushka

    The Adventures of Todd: A School RPG (TAT:ASRPG)

    I'm currently working on a game called 'The Adventures of Todd: A School RPG'. What started as a simple, crappy idea back in August of 2016, has evolved into so much more, and became my passion. I've been working on the plot and making some soundtracks up until now, but the actual development...
  3. Lee Hong Sang

    Seven Mysteries Redux

    "There's a reason why you're the only one who is willing to believe." Facebook page Seven Mysteries Redux is a supernatural horror game with a little mystery in the mix. The game has 7 main chapters, 3 additional ones, and a secret chapter. This game is dialogue-heavy and players need to...
  4. aznartifact


    Out of curiosity, has anyone thought about making a japan(modern) tileset? I'd like to make an RPG in tokyo; apartments, school, park, etc. p.s i'm new to all of this. i really enjoy it this program.