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  1. MinisterJay

    Images Made With Character Generator

    Images made with the MV or other RPG Maker character generators are NOT considered as Image Resources. If it is made strictly with the original character generator assets, it is not considered an image resource, in this community. If the image displays a new generator part, and it is the new...
  2. MinisterJay

    What is Considered SPAM?

    Many may not have read an important thread created by @sage regarding our communities rules. The thread is The Rules (Read Before Posting). The very first rule is NO spamming. Here is a summary: 1. No necroposting - reviving old threads without adding REVELANT new content. 2. Posting less...
  3. Xyphien

    [Read First !] Help Rules

    Hello everyone, this section of the forum is mildly different than the rest of the forum. Here you will ask all sorts of questions relating to MV that you may have. This means we also have a Best Answer system displayed. Offical Thread - Report all bugs here This is an offical bug reporting...
  4. Xyphien

    Resource Rules

    The following rules must be kept in mind when posting resources. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask! Resource Rules: 1. Be sure to include the following with your resource(s): * A brief description of your resource and how to use it. * Terms of Use (What users can, and cannot do...
  5. sage

    Rules Suggestions

    This thread is dedicated to adding rules and making amendments to the current Rules of the Forum, allowing everyone to shape the rules to fit the needs of the community. Here, you are free to make any suggestions to the rules that you want and debate them. You can elaborate on preexisting...
  6. sage

    The Rules (Read Before Posting)

    Forum Rules: If you see anyone breaking the rules, please notify an admin or a moderator by tagging one of us in the thread, reporting the post, or sending a private message. 1. No spamming. This includes: * Posting on old threads that can no longer provide any valuable discussion. * Posting...