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  1. OldPat

    AIKA - The Fragile Dance of the Broken Soul

    - Introduction - It has been exactly one year since PSYCHE Locke. Time really flies. Let's celebrate PSYCHE Locke's one year anniversary by talking a bit about the game I'm currently developing, AIKA - The Fragile Dance of the Broken Soul. AIKA is a short 2D Rhythm Game with Visual Novel...
  2. T

    MV 1.6.x boss enemies from my game resource pack 1.0

    a enemy resource pack for rpg maker mv these were made for my game im currently makeing it contains 4 boss enemies form my game which costs $5.00 thank you for purchaseing this and have a great day
  3. T

    MV 1.6.x robot enemies resource pack 1.0

    here is a robot enemy pack for rpg maker mv contains 4 robot enemies which costs $5.00
  4. Mr. Open

    Event Movement & Actions? [RMMV]

    Hello! It's me, yet again with another problem! (I think it's not the thing I should brag about.. (facepalm)) I was thinking about making an event, where an NPC moves towards my player and starts a necessary dialogue. However when I set the Autonomous Movement of my NPC to "Approach" the NPC...
  5. Jakkuson

    Error! (Syntaxerror: Unexpected number)

    Hiya, I'm kind of new-ish to RPG Maker MV and I keep coming back to it after taking breaks, but recently I encountered an error of which I'm unable to fix! It popped up while I was messing around in the game with the Yanfly 'learnable skills' plugin - I never go into the JavaScript files to...
  6. Mr. Open

    Message text editing?

    Hello! I was trying to make my in-game messages more varied and I was wondering if there's a way to make the text or the dialogue box written in Bold or in Italics? If no, is there a script for RPG Maker MV enabling it? I know there was no such option in VX Ace, but there was a script made by...
  7. Mr. Open

    Converting Script from RMVX Ace to RMMV?

    Hello! I was trying to make a HUD based on a simple tutorial from RPG Maker VX Ace, but I got one problem with the script used in the common event. (Source/tutorial I've used) And here's the script that I cannot convert into RMMV format: mhp = $game_party.members[0].mhp hp =...
  8. jaye

    Weird Plugin Command error?

    Every time I use a plugin command, I get this message ' Cannot read property '1' of undefined'. It doesn't matter what plugin I do it in or which command I use, I keep getting the same error message. Does anyone know what this is or how to fix it?
  9. jaye

    How to play a video when using skills?

    I tried to add it as a common event, but it doesn't work. The video is short and in .mp4 format. Does anyone know how to do this? Ex: When you click on attack, a video plays instead of the animation.
  10. jaye

    [Closed] I need someone who is experienced in js for mv

    Hello, I am in need of a personal who can do javascript. I can pay, but not too much. So reasonable pricing. I need a whole menu design. If interested and more details, please reply or contact me via sugarzoozoo@email.com.
  11. Darkattributes

    Digimon Story: Data Wars!

    Digimon Story: Data Wars is a Digimon fangame made with RPG maker MV. Here are some features for the game. -[In the works.]Each Digimon has their own stats, and can equip different things. -[Completed]A Quest system that keeps track of your Union and Species Quests. -{Completed]A Pokemon style...
  12. Indsh

    Ai fir party in ABS

    H0w would you make something like "Tales of" or "Kingdom Hearts"
  13. ClintHennesy

    EDUN RPG: 2016 Recruitment Thread

    RECRUITMENT OPEN TILL SEPTEMBER 30, 2016 Mock-ups of final "Character Bust Arts" Done back as a Style Test. Good Day Ladies and Gentlemen! We are currently looking for an enthusiastic Programmer/Scripter and/or Game Designer looking for a project to do. Essentially, we want to produce a...
  14. Phil

    I Got RPG Maker MV What do I do now?

    Ciao GameMakers... I Finally got a copy of RPG Maker MV, I have been learning the tutorials and more and cannot wait to get one on that moment. But now after I got my Copy, I don't know what I should do, or should be doing... Can Anyone give me a tips on how to start on RPG MAKER? I am not...
  15. bitheart

    Problem with Bitmaps AddChild();

    I have encountered a problem when drawing different images depending on the index of Window_title_command. Each time i press the arrow_down button a new instance of a bitmap gets drawn on top of an existing one. This can be really annoying when using transparent images. is there a way to swap...
  16. biggislims


    Hey RMMV members! I'm new to the community here, but not to RPGs or the concept of making them. I think it was back in 2001 or 2002 that I first came across Don Miguel's RPG Maker 2000, and started playing around with it, learning how to script and design maps. I've been playing RPGs since...
  17. samorious

    Newbie Indie Game Dev

    Hello everyone, I have been watching these forums for some months, though I never created an account. Today I decided it could be very usefull for my further game development. Before I introduce myself it is needed to be said that the people in this community are the best I have seen yet...
  18. RPGcrafter07

    Hello Everyone!! I spreading my demo and this forum is next lol :)

    I assume this isn't where I post it, but I will be adding it to his site. I've used RM for years now, and have fallen in love with MV, its so flexible It blows my mind what I can do. So when I add this DEMO plz download it and give me feedback and if anyone wants to work with me on it, I'm def...
  19. DevoidOS

    How to learn JavaScript for RPG Maker MV

    Hey guys I'm pretty sure that some of you already know some JavaScript. But many of y'all don't. So I've decided to make this thread into where you can share your JavaScript knowledge with the ones who don't. Beginner: Let's get you started with learning most of the important parts for...
  20. FelixSynth

    What scripts would you like made?

    What scripts do you guys want made for RPG Maker MV? Suggested Already: Battle Related Action Battle Mode Battle Transformations Battle Voices Limited Item Use Command Input/Combo to Execute Skill QTE-style combo system Enemy Health Bars Auto Battle for certain party member Attack Elements...