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  1. ~Z~

    MV 1.6.x Free Side View Battlers, Slime, Bats, Scorpion, Water & Fire Sprite and more! 1.0

    Should work with all versions of RpgmakerMV, I created these to compliment some of the stock static monsters and while learning to create battlers. Hope they get some use, all free for both commercial and noncommercial just credit is always nice and if you do end up publishing let us know and...
  2. ~Z~

    Hunters and Heroes Ad-Free Forever 1.2

    Featuring 6 Starting Classes: Squire, Warrior, Archer, Rogue, Solar and Lunar With 12 additional Prestige Classes available from level 10 on. Crafting and Equipment Upgrade systems for customizing gear with 180+ Recipes while switching classes on the fly to utilize more then 96 different...
  3. ~Z~

    Shrinking Rpgmaker Game from 528MB to Under 100MB (Google Play's) Limit

    Wasn't 100% sure the thread to post this on as I wouldn't really call it a tutorial, more of a dev log into what happened to me when I realized my game was about 5.5 times bigger then google play would except as an Apk. So general discussion it is lol The full Blog post is available Here OK...