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rpgmaker mv

  1. baz

    Naima's Melody (Demo Available)

    IMPORTANT UPDATE: This will be our last post update on this specific forum about the game. We have plenty of ways to follow development and always appreciate your support! DEMO: Pre-Alpha Demo Keep updated: Twitter, Discord, and Itch.io -baz SYNOPSIS The world has become ravaged by a dark...
  2. M

    Database Organizer

    Hello, Im sorry if this is in the wrong area, or if there is already a thread item for this. Im looking to see if anyone has a template for excel that would allow for game ideas to be seperate and easy to go through so when you start to put your ideas from the spreadsheet into the game its...
  3. Dw-Devs


    Hey guys and gals...I introduced myself when I joined a while back but I think I must've done it on the wrong thread...somewhere....I'm also on the tail end of rebranding so I'm going to do this again. Hello everyone, I'm Dw-Devs..(formerly Rogues)....I'm currently using RpgmakerMv to build my...
  4. Mr. Open

    Event Movement & Actions? [RMMV]

    Hello! It's me, yet again with another problem! (I think it's not the thing I should brag about.. (facepalm)) I was thinking about making an event, where an NPC moves towards my player and starts a necessary dialogue. However when I set the Autonomous Movement of my NPC to "Approach" the NPC...
  5. Mr. Open

    Enemy sprites

    Hello! I'm looking for someone willing to make enemy sprites for my game project. Here's some details about the game I'm planning to make: A plot is happening in fantasy world, on an archipelago of floating islands, game will be focusing on monsters from European folklore, legends etc. More...
  6. Jd_Uchiha

    Hello, fellow rpgmaker shinobi!

    I am Jordan Uchiha. Been an rpgmakermv user for maybe 2 years now. I have about 3-4 different gaming projects I am currently working on. One is a pre-zombie game, that is solely story-telling, simple quest with no fighting or battle system. *Once completed i will then make a part 2 which...
  7. Kyle Dunning

    Biscuit/Cookie Graphics?

    Hi everyone. First time here. The other day I decided to make a little game of animals collecting food with my 7-year old daughter and 6-year old nephew. The problem? I called the game Cookies! (no idea why), and now I figure we are going to need a graphic for biscuits/cookies (round shaped) so...
  8. C

    Help with variables

    Hi! I'm a newbie and I'm stuck with my project. Please someone could help me with this problem below: I'm using ingame variables to count some of the players actions. And I want to write this ingame variable to a .txt file (using a script or a plugin or anything). I can write any text in to...
  9. Amysaurus

    Looking for Some Partners in Crime! (Mystery-RPG Recruitment)

    [Tentative Title!] General Information: Engine: RPG Maker MV Game Release(s): Commercial, English. Genre(s): Mystery, Comedy, Adventure Synopsis (tentative): Taking on the role of an amateur investigator, the player will immerse themselves in a society where humans and monsters live...
  10. Amagner

    Lots of Things needed! Generator parts!/Tilesets/Etc

    Hello, I am making a game based during a post apocalyptic era. Mostly everything is desert and old cities blown to bits by the nukes that hit all around the world. Its also similar to fist of the north star and will be based off this game. I cannot really make great characters just based off...
  11. Amagner

    Hokuto No Ken!!! RPG

    Hello! I am new to the RPG Making scene and I really have lots of ideas and combat strategies but I definitely need assistance on this game. I been trying to make games since I was in High School but had a lot of family problems that hindered me until now. I have a great job and during the down...
  12. NickTypeZero


    Hello everyone! I'm new to the RPGMV forum but I've been using RM since VXACE and love it! I feel my strongest aspect in creating games is music, so if there is anyone out there who would like to collaborate, send me a message!
  13. Silver Element

    Save battle actor ID in a variable

    So, the problem I can't sort out is this: Is there a way to save the ID of the actor that's using an attack into a variable?
  14. Koldren

    Some food icons?

    I am making a game that is full with crafting, cooking, alchemy and other types of item creating skills and I don't know how to create food recipes because I don't have any alternative icons to use like 1 sword icon for 100 swords.
  15. RPGcrafter07

    OMG help me! lol

    okay, so I got this problem guys... I made a boat, in which the characters r crossing the sea with of course.. one problem.. once u enter that map, if u save it deletes your saved game!!! now wtf.. anyone know what could cause this, or what I should do?!! thanks in advance. :(
  16. Chibae

    Completed Need help looking for a Plugin

    Is there a plugin for MV that, instead of face sets u use static battlers for battle portraits, like in this script for VXACE : http://forums.rpgmakerweb.com/index.php?/topic/4811-cps-battle-engine/ , here a image i am looking for : I am not sure if MV has a Plugin that does this, that dont...
  17. Chibae

    Is there a plugin that allows you to switch battle modes?

    I want a plugin where you can ask the player if they want sideview or front view battles. I seen shaz plugin but it only activates for battle troops. It isn't what i want, i want to do a script call where u activate it when it shows up. then all battles changes to whatever they chose. Thanks.
  18. Chibae

    Zendir: A new World Remake

    Zendir is a game that was made by Hotfirelegend/eternalshadow on the rpgmaker webs, and he gave permission so i can remake it :P I really love the story and characters in thegame, which is why i chose to remake it. I already have the first dungeon and you can travel to the mainland its playable...
  19. Victor Niklasson

    Oh hoy!

    Hey peeps. Just bought MV and wanted to get in the forums straight away to see what awesome things you have created and what i can contribute to this community. My name is Victor I'm Swedish and you can call em Hajja. Loved the RPG genre since i played FF7 and Baldur's Gate. I have some old...
  20. CM Games

    RM Lover here! CM

    Hi RMMV Community! obviously I'm new here. Others knew me as CM (my name initials) and my young gaming company CM Games. I already made 2 RM games in VXA yet still in development but hopefully one day I can release a game and share it with you all (demo). That's it for now I guess? well if you...