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  1. Foxx

    Hockey Mask Request

    Hey, I'm planning on making a friday the 13th game however I cannot find any hockey masks to mod into the character generator and I would be no good at making one myself. Could someone please direct me to an already existing hockey mask generator piece of if anyone would be kind enough to make...
  2. MinisterJay

    Five Goblin Faces/Busts Request

    Requesting a set of five goblin faces/busts. The Scholar: Elderly high goblin (tree-top goblin) that teaches all of the classes. Main Character: Only female in class. Young low goblin (marsh goblin) who aspires to help stop the slave trafficking of goblins. Racial trait: claws can secrete...
  3. Maeru

    Animated Map Transitions

    Hello, I'm looking for some help to find or create something to make animated map transitions. My objective is re-create the map transtion for the 2d Zelda titles but I don't know If this is even possible... I'll be grateful if you teach me how to do that.
  4. MinisterJay

    Special SV Battle System Request

    I have seen this style in a game that I am playing, and was curious if this plugin is public. The player selects an image for the battle request: guard, attack, etc. There is a sword icon to attack, a shield icon to guard, and special icons of actions determined by class. Each sv actor does...
  5. Morriganna

    I have a simple request

    Can someone make me a pharoah's beard and matching headdress? If they could have snake scales that would be even better. Thank you!!!
  6. HoodieTV

    Plugin Request

    Straight to the point and not to waste your time. Is it possible that someone can lend a hand and either create or show me a plugin that allows the player to shoot bullets, and when the bullet hits a certain event, the event will change graphics, and the player will lose however many bullets he...
  7. Koeki

    Zelda/Link sprites

    I cannot, for the life of me, find any sprites for Zelda, specifically, or even generator parts that would work for Link especially. I just need his basic outfit (green with cap)
  8. Proga345

    Generator Part Request ( fur collar trench coat )

    Hello, I am in need of a trench coat similar to the one that Loke whore at the start of Fairy tail ( image lin below) Also if it is possible to not only change the color but also make a female version if possible. I still don't know if i'll make my game a comercial project or not so keep in mind...
  9. Axel

    Request: Sleeping Sprites and other things

    Hey everybody, as you could imagine I'm developing a noncommercial game, I don't have any program like PhotoShop, so I cannot design the sprites, logos, backgrounds, and that kind of resources. The generator of MV is cool but a little limited in what expresive sprites is referred to, I can't...
  10. Beminfire

    Need Various Hospital Resources

    Hi, I'm using MV to make a horror game. I already have experience with VXA and it looks like I already know everything I need to know. Now to the request. In order to make my game I will need these: - Hospital Tileset - Hospital Patient Sprites - Hospital Doctors/Nurses Sprites - Monster...
  11. Koldren

    Some food icons?

    I am making a game that is full with crafting, cooking, alchemy and other types of item creating skills and I don't know how to create food recipes because I don't have any alternative icons to use like 1 sword icon for 100 swords.
  12. Alex Skie

    REQUEST: How would one do non battle animations

    How would i have the battle animations show out of battle? For example when an event is triggered the player will swing his sword
  13. Luninareph

    RTP Will-o-Wisp face image?

    Has anyone made, found, or considered making a face for the RTP will-o-wisp battler? The one that looks like this: https://www.dropbox.com/s/4e3diqrqie78fv4/SV_Willowisp.png?dl=0 I'm not looking for a full faceset; just a single face would be sufficient. A sprite would also be fantastic, but is...
  14. Whurauk

    Credit Plugin ?

    Hello everyone, I was just wondering if a credit plugin is already made and if not someone could have the kindness of making one ! :) How I see it is that you have a plugin command that you include at the end of your game and a button in the title menu. Thanks for your time and happy holidays !
  15. MinisterJay

    Plugin Request: Move Character to (x,y) or Event (x)

    I am looking for something similar to Galv's Move Route Extras plugin. With it I can jump to map (x,y) or event(x), but cannot simply walk to it. It would be similar to VX Ace's waypoint system. This plugin would greatly reduce the number of movement input for a character going from one event...
  16. MinisterJay

    Plugin Request: Both Sides Take Damage

    I am looking at having a combat system where both sides receive damage/possible damage with each attack, for melee attacks. Each character chooses an attack and a defense before the round begins. There are multiple combinations: Attack and Counter Attack, but after a Counter Attack is...
  17. Bizarre Monkey

    Plugin Port Request: Batch Event Collision and Collision Checking

    Hello folks. My usual supplier of the codemonkey bizness is MIA and I don't know for how long and I can't keep waiting around. I can't imagine this should be too difficult for anyone who's into coding. What do I want? A port of a VX Ace script I had made at my request by Omegas7, into a plugin...
  18. Luthien

    Can enyone help with character movement?

    Hi! I have request. Can enyone explain me how to add an animation to 8 directions movement. I have a Yumi8DIR plug in and it works, but when i pressed left arrow character move diagonally, but on animation character is turn left not down/left. I have drawn sprite in every 8 directions but where...
  19. Xyphien

    Monsters Character Sprites

    So, all the common monster sprites they had in VX Ace are not in MV. Spiders for an example. I noticed after upgrading my game from Ace to MV that there are absolutely no spider characters at all to display. They have Enemies images of the monsters, but no Character images whatsoever. If someone...
  20. Wimpbox

    [VX Ace] EarthBound Beginnings/Dragon Quest styled battle windows script request

    Not sure if this may be the right forum where i could request a RGSS3 script, but anyways i'm telling it right here. I'd want to tell you guys to make a modified version of the default battle system basing it off from the battle windows from EarthBound Beginnings (MOTHER 1 in Japan). Here's a...