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  1. S

    Having trouble uploading character

    Hello, I’m new to this site and RPG Maker and need help. I am using RPG Maker MV and making custom tiles and custom characters. I was able to upload the tiles without issue. I am using Game Character Hub to make the characters, but am unable to upload them into RPG Maker MV. I did not see...
  2. YellowScoot

    Ask YellowScoot Anything

    Does not matter if you ask about your proyects, but you can ask me about my hobbies, stuff and some information about me. Don't be shy. ;)
  3. Gear-Zs

    Requesting assistance with in battle portraits

    Hello everyone, I had a feature I wanted to implement into a project I'm working on The idea is to have a standing portrait of the main character shown in battle, and change states based on armor durability. For example, When character's armor durability is >50, change the standing picture to...
  4. Myzt

    Any RPGmaker Turn-based+actiony games?

    Any unusual combinations of turn-based + action Rpgmaker games demos/ videos/even completed games ? Like the known games such as Valkyrie Profile(some series of it) / even the Xenogears(also some series of it)... But made in RPGmaker softwares? If there are any, besides the "RPGMAKER Martial...
  5. DarcHiro

    Ask Darc Anything!

    Hi I'm DarcHiro, a newbie at video game development, and an aspiring graphic designer. I'm posting this to offer people to get to know me a little better. (heart)(heart)(heart) Ask Away! (heart)(heart)(heart)
  6. Xyphien

    About Sponsor/Partner/Level 10 Members

    Hello everyone! Many of you all have been wondering about the benefits of Sponsors, and Partners, as well as some other important questions relating them. I'm here to answer some of these, and let you know some of the perks between the two. A lot of you all have been asking where the money goes...
  7. legendreef1

    what is difference between sciprter and programmer ?

    O_ o because in RM skill it says ::Scripter , :: programmer ....... ?? O_o .... theres a face in the word scripter x D
  8. sage

    Ask sage Something

    I'm @sage, the 'other' admin, maker of the emoticons, forum lurker, and more. If you have any advice, questions, opinions, favorites, etc. I'll answer them.
  9. Xyphien

    [FAQ] Frequently Asked Questions

    Please take the time to read these before posting a question on the forums.
  10. Trumully

    Questioning about New Rank: 'Partner'

    Okay, I've just seen a new Sponsor rank come up called 'Partner'. Can someone explain to me what this is? Is it like Sponsor, or better? Please reply! I would like to know as I am considering partner... ;) Edit: Sorry, I didn't know where to put this so I just put to General Discussion. Tell me...