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puzzle games

  1. MrRobot204

    Puzzle making/favorite puzzles

    One of the things I absolutely adore about 2d RPGS is how cool the puzzles can be, but alas this requires a lot of events put in just the right order. Being a newbie to game making I'm struggling to figure this out but I am also still just in the beginner stages of learning the program, so here...
  2. Jaco Stander

    The Spirit of Twelve - Comments & Suggestions Welcome

    RELEASE DATE: END / LATE 2016 The story takes place in a high fantasy world. One summer night a mysterious object crash lands in Nidelium, the kingdom where our tale begins. The King and his Wizard retrieves it and returns it to the castle. The wizard inspects it but does not know what it is...
  3. Boy Who Codes

    Scripted Puzzles

    Here's something. I was watching Phi Brain for quite some time now and I saw great puzzles in there that could be incorporated in RPG Maker. Some of them are doable through scripting. However, is it even necessary to create a plugin that does just one purpose, serving that kind of puzzle game...