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  1. sage

    Does anyone here play any Trading Card Games?

    I'm a moderately big fan of them. Like all of the other kids my age, I grew up on the Pokemon and YuGiOh card games. I used to play them all the time with my friend. When I was a senior in high school, another friend wanted to play YuGiOh just because, so we built decks and kept trying to...
  2. Admiral Crayon

    How do you create your bosses?

    I've come to the part of my project where I need to setup my first boss! But here's the thing: I'm really lacking some creativity right now. According to me, a boss isn't just another normal enemy that hits harder and has more hp. No, a boss needs to implement something that's new to the game...
  3. sage

    Pokemon Sun and Moon

    Are you ready? I know I am. The starters: I usually go fire, but that owl is adorable. Which one would you choose?
  4. BlacksmithMV

    Team Rocket (Pokemon) Resources needed!

    Hey! I've been thinking of developing a Team-Rocket-Centric RPG for some time now, made for the new and improved MV engine, but I'm severely lacking in resources. My primary concern is making sprites for Rocket Grunts, but I can't find even a simple black cap for them. At that, maaaybe some...
  5. Alex Skie