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  1. Stevushka

    'TAT: The Life RPG' Series?

    Hey Everyone, I'm still in the early stages of development for my game, 'The Adventures Of Todd: A School RPG', but recently I've been thinking of the future of the game, and what I would work on next, after I finish TAT:ASRPG. Just the other day, I first thought of making DLCs for TAT:ASRPG...
  2. samorious

    How do you start a new Project

    Hello everyone, I was asking myself, how do you all start new projects, I am very interested in it, we might all learn a lot from each other. Personally I start with a small idea in my head. I write down the plot of the story and a short description. Afterwards I look at what way I want it to...
  3. Macro

    Name one thing that you added to your MV Project today

    I notice when I force (uh, motivate?) myself to add at LEAST one addition to my game each day, that it helps me do so on the next day as well. Then sometimes even more things are added because I get the rhythm going more. However, if I skip a day, then I get lazier and lazier. How about you...
  4. Storytailor

    How Do You Plan Your RPG?

    Hello RM community! Yesterday I lost my hand-written timeline for my game's development. Nothing too strict, just a preference of what order I wanted to do what in, general "how long I want this to take" notes, detailed lists of what exactly needs to get done and what I need to find... but it...
  5. Storytailor

    The Game-Making Process

    Hello my fellow creators! I'm curious to hear from everyone who's willing to chip in: what's your typical game-making strategy? What order do you go about planning things in, and designing things in? Do you set a timeline for yourself, have weekly/monthly goals, just do it whenever you feel...
  6. Storytailor

    What Inspires Your Story?

    Some people may have more obvious ties to an existing game or franchise, but some have subtle hints of a mixture of things lingering in their creations. I'd love to hear from the community: what games, books, or other media have had a large influence on your current (or upcoming) project? For...
  7. Storytailor

    YEA or NAY: Romance

    I'll pose this as two questions: 1) Do you like having romance present in the games you play? 2) Do you like to incorporate an degree of romance into your own projects? I'm not anti-romance by any stretch - in fact I'm described as a romantic type - but man, does romance ever elude me in game...
  8. Storytailor

    Do You Have A Story Ready?

    Hey gang, first real thread, and it might as well be about something story-related, huh? With RPG Maker MV only eight days removed from the night of this post, I'm curious: do you have a story idea set? Are you transferring a game you're currently working on, are you in the middle of planning...