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  1. ezryrze

    Any game stories in need of critique? Come here!

    Hey! So, this thread was originally for my own idea in need of critiquing, but I no longer with to have my idea up here! Due to this, I've changed the thread to a place for people to ask for critiquing and to post their ideas. Have fun.
  2. LazyPat

    Need Input on this Map

    Hi Guy! I need your opinions on this modern city I made. I also would like to know any tips you guys got on how to go about making this city part of a grim future (science has pushed the planet to its limit (city like in Blade Runner or Avatar))
  3. MrRobot204

    Puzzle making/favorite puzzles

    One of the things I absolutely adore about 2d RPGS is how cool the puzzles can be, but alas this requires a lot of events put in just the right order. Being a newbie to game making I'm struggling to figure this out but I am also still just in the beginner stages of learning the program, so here...
  4. Myzt

    Encounter rate 100!?

    Tried it...almost feels like when only got unlucky you get a battle encounter :3 What do you guys/gals think of setting the map encounter to 100? :D
  5. sage

    Ask sage Something

    I'm @sage, the 'other' admin, maker of the emoticons, forum lurker, and more. If you have any advice, questions, opinions, favorites, etc. I'll answer them.