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open world rpg

  1. FleshToDust


    Story: You are travelling across the ocean for an unknown reason but then as you're sailing you find yourself in dangerous waters. The tide growing strong and suddenly you lose control of the boat and hit something! Your boat is damaged. You drift off to sea... Suddenly you wake up. What...
  2. Leaferson

    Yet another new member

    Hey guys! I'm Leaferson. I've been messing with the RPG Maker series for years, but never actually developed a game. I was finally ready to create my first game on VX Ace, until I heard MV was coming out, promising features I really would love to use. So I waited. Now here I am! I'm a very...
  3. Alex Skie

    The Sacred Runes

    Legend speaks of the mighty ancients. And how they carved secrets of creation within the oldest stones. They say the stones were placed far across the 5 kingdoms in hope that one day, the heart of man would be pure enough to be trusted with the secrets of the gods. You play as one of four...