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  1. Dalton Sayre

    5 New Robots v 2.0a

    Click on history above to find download link ***Fixed issue with Green Bot, fixed issue with Security Bot, added Pincer Bot*** 5 new bots, face, walk, diagonal, idol, sv_actor, sv_enemy, enemy, face free to use in any project. must credit Kadakowa/Enterbrain must own valid copy of RMMV Tested...
  2. Xyphien

    MV 1.6.x QMV Master Plugin - Action Combat, Line of Sight, Popups & More! 2019-02-24

    This product was made by quxios and I have complete permission to upload it on this website! This demo comes with the following: QUpdate QSight QPopup QPlus QPathfind QMovement QInput QABS + Skillbar QABS + Gauges QABS ================= What they do: QUpdate: A Plugin to check if your...
  3. Dalton Sayre

    Enemies Working on robot battlers

    I am currently working on a few custom robot battlers. I have finished and posted three automated turrets, I will be posting a few robots soon. I have a highly ambitious goal of eventually creating a reformatted character generator for automatons and cyborgs, but I am far from ready for that...
  4. Mea014

    Hey, happy to join you ^^

    Hello, I´m am new here, but I already spend a great amount of time in RPG Maker VX Ace and MV. I hope i can get some help here and maybe even help someone else. Happy RPG-Making!!!
  5. O


    Hey guys. New to the forum. Been working with RPG maker a lot over the years. Just got back into it. I love it.
  6. jawarrior1


    Hi I am new here. I am looking for a place to upload my projects.
  7. XiyakaHex

    New to RMMV

    I have only been messing around with RMMV recently, but I do have a little experience in the 3D game making world. So I wanted to test my skills in the 2D world as well.
  8. DuckBornDave

    New to RMMV.co

    Hello fellow game makers! My name is David (DuckBornDave online) and I have been using RPG Maker for a good few years on and off as a hobby. I have never delved deep into the programming and scripting side although it greatly interests me, but I have wrote many a story that has been intended to...
  9. freedar

    Anyone want to make a game together?

    Wondering if anyone wants to work together or at least talk about it. I can't find a single physical person that I know who has any interest in making video games. Can we collaborate on something?
  10. Phynal

    HELLLO! New member here!

    Hello to all the new and old! I am excited to start my journey into making my own RPG here! I am starting a game based on my childhood with my cousin and best friend. We have always loved RPGs over all other games, and with the chance now to create our own game how could we not?! Anyway, it is...
  11. PsyckoTeddy

    Hello, I am new, and thoroughly confused.

    Hi everyone, if anybody could explain how the site works it would be greatly appreciated.
  12. Anssatsu

    New face here!

    Hey guys, Anssatsu here, from Portugal! Haven't used used RPG Maker in years (last one I used was XP xD), but since seeing it on Steam's summer sale, I had the urge to give it a go on the newest version and I'm loving it! Amazing site
  13. Jaco

    Stop screen fading out when starting new game

    Maybe a strange request, but I need to disable / remove the screen fading out when starting a new game. The starting map should display instantly. I have looked around in the JS files, but with my limited knowledge of JS I might just break something. Have anyone done this before? Any help /...
  14. Isaac The Red

    Found some plugins for some cool stuff~

    Mr. Trival is a plugin scripter, he has plugins. they are here: https://mrtrivelrpg.wordpress.com/plugins-rpg-maker-mv/ I only just recently found these plugins while wandering around the internet. There's some nifty stuff here, figured I'd give it a share, He just released a Quest Log plugin...
  15. L

    A random beard appeared!

    Hi guys, My name is Didier, I'm live in the Netherlands and study music! I had RPGMaker 2000 back when I was little kid (never made anything impressive back then). I'm getting back into it now, as I love this puppeteers-masterplan-overview-strategy way of creating things. And I really need to...
  16. Cerulean Sky

    Hi, Hello, Hi! :)

    Hoping that everyone is going to have a great game-making day! (jolly)
  17. ItsElemental


    Hello, there I just recently decided to try developing a game. This forum has been enormously helpful and i'm very greatful for that. I hope to see everyone around!
  18. LadyPisces

    Hello Everyone

    Hey there everyone, My name is Desirea. I recently got RPG Maker MV thanks to my fiance. I am in the process of creating my first game and so far i'm loving this! I wanted to join a forum where I can get tips, advice, maybe even some fan made expansions and of course meet some awesome new...
  19. Aisling Starr

    Tutorial Videos For Newcomers

    This guy makes RPGMMV tutorials. He's also helped me personally. If you're new, this is a great place to start. He also has plugins. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCyqXLDebVx9rNnoSpcnNH3Q/featured
  20. Neil London

    New to the site and RPG Maker!

    Hello all! I am new to the site, obviously, and also new to RPG Maker MV. I spent some time on my "About Me" section and it really introduces me well so I'm just going to paste it here if that is okay with everyone! Since I'm very knew I'm here to learn what I can from everyone! Thanks! Section...