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  1. MinisterJay

    RPG Maker Game Jam with Prizes

    This Monday, there will be a three week long game jam. Rules: 1. It must be made with an RPG Maker game engine. 2. Only RTP assets can be used. NO non-RTP resources including: images, audio files, plugins, scripts, etc., may be used. If it did not come with the game engine, it cannot be...
  2. MinisterJay

    RPG Biz's 2D One Map Challenge Game Jam

    You can sign up now for RPG Biz's 2D One Map Game Jam by clicking HERE. There are over $125 value in prizes. Thanks to Game Handout and Jay's Custom Game Adventures for sponsoring the event.
  3. MinisterJay

    2D Game Jam Coming

    Who is ready for a 2D Game Jam? Current prize poll includes at least $30 in Steam game/software, games keys for Memories of Vagabond, Jet Racer Extreme, Kero Blaster, and a software key for Sprite Lamp. Expecting more prizes to come. Will update as I get more info. Game Handout is one of our...