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  1. Dalton Sayre

    Getting to know me, getting to know all about me.

    It is time that I bestow my greetings As I always look forward to meetings With likeminded people who've creative endeavors Conspiring on castles with booby trapped levers And making bosses that await several beatings I am a woodworker from the hills of WV, I design games for my own amusement...
  2. Jordan Winslow

    How a False Diagnosis Led to the Creation of One of the Most Passionate Music Producers in the U.S.!

    I WAS WHAT THEY CALLED A “TROUBLED” CHILD. I was the class clown. It seemed to the faculty at Lumpkin County Elementary that I could not focus on any work they gave me and it was suggested I may have something wrong with my brain. As time went on, I became very well acquainted with the...
  3. Mihnea

    Introducing myself.

    Name and experience with RPG maker MV Thought I'd introduce myself to this new world I've entered.I'm Mihnea, but just call me Mi, it's for the better for all of us. I'm half a year (or more if you count the time I used a cracked version) into developing with RPG maker MV. You might find only...
  4. Panier

    Introduction to Myself

    Well, Hello everyone, I am a new user of RPG Maker, and I'm using it only for myself and some friends, not really to send my games or anything. I am not really good at coding, and I don't know the javascript, so a little help would be appreciate ^^, the part I prefer is just telling some...
  5. Chrystarin

    Hello World!

    Hello everyone! I am Chrystarin and I created a team called Chrystal Studios. I aim to create my very own game company here in my country. I already made a few games using Visual Basic, Ren'Py and RPG Maker MV. I am an amateur programmer and a 2D and 3D artist. As of now there are only two of us...
  6. Waseef


    Hello everyone! My name is Waseef Muhammad Khan, otherwise known as W.M.K. I'm a student and working on my game Land of Calgwin™ which is currently on Beta. I'm happy to help out anyone who needs assistance in Eventing, primarily MV and VX Ace. Just DM me if you need anything.
  7. pedroike

    Hello there

    Greetings. I am pedroike, but I suppose you can call me whatever you want to. Anyway, I bought RPG Maker MV 2 days ago and I just came across this. I guess I just hope to get better at it and seek help here whenever I need it. I finished the tutorial and I'm making a first game, which I'm...
  8. RainbowParfait

    I exist, sometimes!

    Hey there, devs and devettes! I am taking this time to introduce myself on the forums. I am a (pretty amateur) programmer in need of an outlet, and RPG Maker MV seems like a great place to start. Hope to meet you soon! Oorah!
  9. Yogarpg

    Introduction of me

    Hi everyone, I am Yogarpg, writer and game designer and would like to share resources and knowledge in this amazing community. Thank you all.
  10. Amir Davis


    Hey! You can call me Amizu. I'm getting back into the RPG Making world. It's been some years, something I did a lot of when I was in middle and high school. Really interested in learning what I can to make good games. Thank you all for your contributions and help to each other and to me in the...
  11. Sethra

    Greetings from Canada

    New to the community, but not new to the RPG Maker series. Used to be familiar with XP and VX Ace (haven't used them in quite a while), but currently just starting my first non-tutorial MV project.
  12. P

    Greetings from a long time RPG Maker user.

    Greetings to all my fellow creators and developers. I'm a long time RPG Maker User/Developer. Probably a bit too long. I've been a member of many rpg maker forum sites over the years, but the odds of anyone from the older or newer communities recognizing me are probably nil. I've commented here...
  13. RedEyedRocker

    RedEyedRocker - Introduction

    Hey, Hey! You, You! I'm Red. I'm a Gamer who loves Gaming, Anime, Programming and Digital Art. Sayonara!
  14. Beccus

    Please take care of me. <3

    Hello, my name is Taylor and I just started my foray into the world of game development. By day I work for an indie game company as a developer, polishing my skills in coding C# for use with Unity, as well as learning a bit about game design. By night I'm working on my own RPG about a...
  15. InfernalArms


    Heya, I'm Sami. I'm an aspiring dev for all kinds of stuff (visual novels, RPG Maker projects, webcomics, possibly a text adventure or two). I go by Infernal-Arms/InfernalArms on most forms of social media and on my personal site (a current wip). I decided to join this forum for the sake of...
  16. nijineko


    Greetings (はじ) Newly arrived, very inexperienced. Please treat me well / looking forward to working with others. (よろしくおねがいします。)
  17. PunchIntoMoon

    My Introduction

    Hello everyone, I am PunchTheMoon. I have a passion for games and the things I like to do are writing stories, programming, and testing. I'm trying to make a horror game. But I still lack in resources. Nice to meet you all! (cute)
  18. Createocon

    Hello all :3 Happy To Be apart of this community :3

    Hi, I'm Mike... I am an Artist that Makes video games. I've been using RPG Maker since about 2006 or '07... But only recently have I have finally learned how to properly communicate to RPG Maker,, so now I'm hoping to finally make it a permanent tool in my Dev pipeline.(something I have been...
  19. Marrik

    TeamUnPro pointed me here

    Got MV because it's on sale and I have a few ideas. However, first I need to start doing something small to cut my teeth on without quitting halfway through.
  20. XiyakaHex

    New to RMMV

    I have only been messing around with RMMV recently, but I do have a little experience in the 3D game making world. So I wanted to test my skills in the 2D world as well.