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  1. M

    Database Organizer

    Hello, Im sorry if this is in the wrong area, or if there is already a thread item for this. Im looking to see if anyone has a template for excel that would allow for game ideas to be seperate and easy to go through so when you start to put your ideas from the spreadsheet into the game its...
  2. Alice Bunny

    Boss Rush-themed gameplay?

    I don't have screenshots or a game ready for download, so I think I'll just post my idea in here. Boss Rush-themed game. Hello everyone. I'm kind of new around here, so forgive me for any bad questions, but I need your help deciding something. I realized that there are some video games out...
  3. N

    Way to make another or edit the knockout state?

    Hello! I had this cool idea (in my mind anyway) that one mechanic in this game would be that Mana or MP whichever you like to refer to magic points as, would play a key role in not only the story but gameplay. I want to basically make it to where if the player runs out of MP they are knocked out...
  4. BlacksmithMV

    Idea: In-Depth Game w/ Fallout-Style Params

    Okay, so it's possible that I've already brought this up; but now I'm here to clarify. I'm still in the process of theorizing and planning for a game, despite being a one-man Team, and figuring out what I want out of it. I think, after playing the free game "Fallout Shelter", that I want to...
  5. ezryrze

    Any game stories in need of critique? Come here!

    Hey! So, this thread was originally for my own idea in need of critiquing, but I no longer with to have my idea up here! Due to this, I've changed the thread to a place for people to ask for critiquing and to post their ideas. Have fun.
  6. Arythorn

    Should I add To This?/How Can This Be Improved?

    Hi Guys, it's Arythorn, I was just wondering if any of you would like to take a few moments of your time to listen to a very simple, repetitive piano melody I have written. I am considering adding in an accompanying melody/general accompaniment, in a higher octave, but would like feedback on...
  7. Senou_Tetsuka

    Does Dubstep or Loopstep musics fit in with JRPG's Intro?

    Hello Readers I'm from the south east I often heard a lot of digital, dubstep, or Loopstep kind-of music so does it really fit in with JRPG style like Intro if it Does Can you guys show me examples or a software for that, ty
  8. S