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hi all

  1. Timpickaxemack

    Hello all! I'm new! :)

    Hello reader! My name is Tim I am a beginning RPG maker (Aaayy). I started with Rpg Maker Fes on 3ds. It was pretty Awesome! I didn't have a good PC at the time so I then bought rpg maker 3 on ps2. It uh....sucked. But fortunately I inherited a pretty good laptop and I decided to look into rpg...
  2. SimonFox


    Привет, Ребята! TRANSLATION Hi guys!
  3. Noesberry

    Well Hi :3

    Well hello there :) Noesberry here XD I am relatively new to RPG maker, but a fast learner. I have so many ideas which i believe this amazing thing can help me create. (ideas from creating my own campaigns from tabletop games). I don't have a specific genre that I play. I tend to play a wide...