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  1. Mr. Protoman

    A Touhou and Castlevania Crossover Idea + Story Reveal

    I know what you're thinking: ,,But don't we have Touhouvania a.k.a "Koumajou Densetsu: Scarlet Symphony" for that. Do we Need a watered down Version on RPG Maker MV?" And the answer is: YEAH, B!TCH!!! EVERYTHING CAN BE POSSIBLE WITH A CREATIVE AND CLEAR MIND!!! Let me explain the Story first...
  2. V

    How to program objects to move around?

    Hello! I wanted to know how to properly set up events so as the player could push a box around and when it gets to a certain area the player can climb up on it and grab a high up objects. I couldn't figure out how to set up an events for when the object gets to a certain block but I made an...
  3. scarlettstride

    please help me with my tilesets

    Actually, I just solved it, now how do I delete this??
  4. Noesberry

    why can I see through you?

    Hey all. I am new at this but i cant seem to figure out why this is happening. I have created an intro scene, everything set on one event. character in settings is set to transparent when starting. now i fade the map off, set player transparency to off and transfer the character to the other...
  5. Ashlehhh

    MV Mac Glitch? "Cannot read (so-and-so).json file"

    I'm desperate. I've worked weeks on a project that I left open overnight, and when I returned to it, none of the files were readable. I've searched through the internet and I've tried everything. I've only managed to salvage the overworld map. Based off the knowledge I have, the mapsinfo.json...
  6. Praygon

    Is it possible to turn Plugins on and off ingame?

    Hello everyone. Firstly if this is in the wrong forum my apologies, feel free to inform me if i've done goofed and ill move this post to the correct place. Secondly I want to know is it possible to disable and activate Certain plugins via a script or event call in game. An example of what im...
  7. PikaPikaGamer

    I need a favor

    Does anyone have photoshop? I was wondering if someone could get me a sort of moonlight picture, with a dark faded light around the screen using gradient's and also the same thing just with a sunset instead as well if you could plz. :D I would use my own photoshop but I get error messages when...
  8. andermon

    Respawn Player help

    I really am stumped when it comes to respawning. I have tried everything to get that pesky game over sign to go away and just spawn at the closest town or last checkpoint or whatever. Does ANYONE know how I could resolve this? It's when the player dies from random encounters I can't figure out...
  9. CWStudio

    Gauge Scripting Help[ please :)

    essentially I need a script for My game where you need to keep animal happy , Provide food for it, play with it, but also protect it. now protecting it is in the battle and I have that all set but I need a way that the animals Happiness can be gauged so if it goes to long with out attention the...
  10. Aisling Starr

    Pretty much stumped. (Computer Help/Computer Parts.)

    My current AMD graphics card doesn't really function well. I'm not a computer expert and I don't know how to pick the best Graphics card for my A68HM-K motherboard. I'd like to know if there's a graphics card that's below 230 that I can buy that's up-to-date and I can use for video...
  11. DestinyKitsuna

    Text help please

    I'm really new to making RPGs and MV is my first one so I'm going in blind on everything. I've watched many tutorials and they've helped a lot but my newest problem is small, and probably really easy to do. I can't figure out how to make items or NPCs say different things. Example: Click on a...
  12. consolcwby

    Need Help With Puzzle Design

    Hi everybody! I'm new to this site and RMMV, but not programming. I am AWFUL coming up with ideas for puzzles and I was hoping if people here could weigh in on some general ideas. It might even give others some food for thought. (But if I posted in the wrong place, I apologize in advance.) So...
  13. Phil

    I Got RPG Maker MV What do I do now?

    Ciao GameMakers... I Finally got a copy of RPG Maker MV, I have been learning the tutorials and more and cannot wait to get one on that moment. But now after I got my Copy, I don't know what I should do, or should be doing... Can Anyone give me a tips on how to start on RPG MAKER? I am not...
  14. Zarsla

    Starting RPG Maker MV Videos

    Hey everyone, I'm starting two rpg maker video tutorial series. One is based on my game(s), that I'm making and the stuff featured in it. And the other I wish to be based on topics that you asked. I'm not good at scripting (so no how to make a plugin tutorials) but I know my way around...
  15. Phil

    Custom Title Screen and menu

    How are you doing everybody? Good? That's nice. I might be not the first one to ask, or the only one to have this question lingering on our head on Custom Title Screen and Menu In Stray cat crossing, you can see that the title screen is fully customized. As you can see the menu is on the...
  16. SalmonWine

    Recruitment for Silence

    Silence is designed to be a very atypical RPG. It features no elemental system, heavy focus on stat re-balance through equipment, and planning your turn based on a the speed of your party and the effects of skills. For more info on silence, you can view the main thread here...
  17. Mr.Anderson

    My worst problem

    So maybe a few of you guys may have already known my problem. My Problem is: I have a ship ingame. Its drivable etc so just the standard rpg maker mv ship. Now i want my Player to visit the interior of that ship. (Like in the game dragon quest 9) Now me and @Cunechan are already searching for an...
  18. SalmonWine

    Requesting help from Combat Formula experts

    Some of the skills im adding currently to my game Silence are odd and can't be coded normally, so i need some help! 1.) Any way of increasing an attack's individual critical chance? Like make some attacks have a high crit chance and others have particularly minute attacks. 2.) Need help making...
  19. SonarCero

    Funky custom tile glitch

    Hey people, I just wanted to throw this out in the open to see if anyone knows how to solve this issue. This is one of the custom resource packs I've had and been tinkering around with but for the life of me, I can't figure out if it's just a bad resource pack, if it's in the wrong...
  20. JoRo92

    Certain Tileset Tiles not appearing in-game

    Hey! So I've been tinkering around MV for a few months now, when adding assorted trees, I realized a portion of those trees don't appear in-game yet they show perfectly fine in the editor. I troubleshot the problem with/without plugins, tags, and removing ground tiles from below to see if it can...