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  1. SonarCero

    Parallel event broken?

    Hey, I'm having issues with an event I have set up for a merchant to start pacing back and forth on a custom path, though he's just standing in place, what can I do to fix this? Also a friend using Mv is having trouble with an npc not going along a path she had set up. Any ideas? EDIT: Issue...
  2. Nite Umbrium

    Tileset help?

    I really hope I'm posting this in the right spot. I'm trying to make my own tiles but when I try to make auto tiles for indoor walls and ceilings they don't turn out right. I feel like it has something to do with the text files that's in the folder as well but I have no idea how to deal with...
  3. ThePureSpectre

    My game cannot load...

    In RPG Maker MV, I'm trying to test out the game I currently have, which is one map of mostly nothing interesting, but every time I open it, it gets stuck on the "Now Loading..." screen. Does it have to do with the plugins or something? What's wrong?! Thank you, -The Pure Spectre
  4. Speedpaint Nightcore


    Hey guys. I'm desperately looking for a sprite artist who can help me create my characters for my game. I have the artist creating bust images I just need someone who can create the actual sprites. I'll provide all the required information so that it makes your job easier but I need someone ASAP...
  5. Hmichelle

    How do I add custom tile sets?

    I did some custom tile sets but when I add the image (its .png so yeah) and nothing happens am I doing something wrong?
  6. C

    Please help- Screen glitch?

    Hey, I've been using rpg maker mv for about a month and I've loved it, but something happened. I have no idea why, but the top and the bottom of the screen are getting clipped off, and the selections wont show up on the top either. The mouse gets warped and wont click where I need it to near the...
  7. P

    How to Only show certain parts of the inventory

    So I'm working on a game that's more puzzle and story based kinda like OneShot and I want to make it so that when you open the menu the only thing that appears is the key items section
  8. N

    Way to make another or edit the knockout state?

    Hello! I had this cool idea (in my mind anyway) that one mechanic in this game would be that Mana or MP whichever you like to refer to magic points as, would play a key role in not only the story but gameplay. I want to basically make it to where if the player runs out of MP they are knocked out...
  9. SteveHead

    [Help!] Condition: Specific Actor in first position

    Hello everyone ! In my game, I want that a specific action plays ONLY when the actor N% is in first position of the team. Did you know a script which is able to do that ? Thanks a lot ! PS: Sorry for my English, i'm french :p
  10. mattduleheart

    New to All This (Suikoden Battle System help)

    Hey everyone, well like the title says I'm new to all of this, I just recently started getting into building a game through RPG Maker MV and I have to say I am loving the journey through it. But more on that later I'm looking for a little help with something. I know most of the things that I...
  11. SonarCero

    I need help for picture events.

    As the title suggests, I need a hand with a few picture events. I don't know if this is possible or if anyone else has tried it before, though what I need to have happen is have two more picture events fade into the screen. I have the first one set up with the standard Fadeout Screen Picture...
  12. ezryrze

    Any game stories in need of critique? Come here!

    Hey! So, this thread was originally for my own idea in need of critiquing, but I no longer with to have my idea up here! Due to this, I've changed the thread to a place for people to ask for critiquing and to post their ideas. Have fun.
  13. Aisling Starr

    What??? (Cannot Open Project)

    Here's what happened: I use my steam on two different devices. One for gaming (my PC) and one for my creations on MV (Touchscreen laptop). Yesterday, I used my PC for gaming (skyrim, Yandere sim, etc) and then I opened up my laptop and opened up MV and...Poof. No project. Clean slate. (Yes, I...
  14. ItsElemental

    RPG Maker MV Movies

    Hello, I have a question about RPG Maker Movies. I've looked everywhere to try to find a program to help aid development of movies, but only came up with questions about file conversion. So my question is, is there any sort of program to help make movies for your games? Thanks...
  15. Arythorn

    Should I add To This?/How Can This Be Improved?

    Hi Guys, it's Arythorn, I was just wondering if any of you would like to take a few moments of your time to listen to a very simple, repetitive piano melody I have written. I am considering adding in an accompanying melody/general accompaniment, in a higher octave, but would like feedback on...
  16. Stevushka

    Side Mission Ideas?!?

    Hey all, as I'm working on my game, The Adventures Of Todd: A School RPG, I've hit a wall! The problem is, I can't think of any more side missions! (I only have 2-3 atm) For those of you that don't know, TAT:ASRPG is the story of a boy named Todd, as he goes through childhood and adolescence...
  17. S


  18. N

    Effective way to modify basic script

    I'm currently learning .Js right now and tried to modify menu right now straight to the problem : lets say , in drawActorSimpleStatus , its a function that draw all the status the actor has (name, level , class , hpbar , mpbar) in the default menu let's say I wanted to make the menu didnt draw...
  19. Stevushka


    Hey all you tileset creators, I was starting to create the tilesets for my game, when I decided a template would be helpful! So, I've created one that works for both "Inside_A4" and "Outside_A4", in three different resolutions; 768x720 (what RPG Maker MV uses), 384x360, and 192x180 (both are...
  20. Arythorn

    Opinions Wanted :)

    Hey! So, I have composed, and recorded, my own game theme, and was now wondering if any of you would like to review it as it is much appreciated! Things like how it evokes feelings or any errors (which I hope there are none!) and any what it portrays in terms of what story it could introduce...