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hello everyone

  1. Mathis Rheault


    Hello and Welcome! My name is Mat Rheault but call me Mash for personal reason. I hope we can be friend and exchange Idea and advice to each others! -Mathis Rheault(Mashisu)
  2. P

    Hello there!

    Hello to everyone! I wanted to introduce myself, I'm Paul and I'm working on a Project with my friend. Its'an 80s Style Mystery Game. I'm scripting and developing (RPG MAKER) an he is the one to draw everything. I wish everyone in the Community fun and luck with there Projects. Have a nice Day...
  3. Timpickaxemack

    Hello all! I'm new! :)

    Hello reader! My name is Tim I am a beginning RPG maker (Aaayy). I started with Rpg Maker Fes on 3ds. It was pretty Awesome! I didn't have a good PC at the time so I then bought rpg maker 3 on ps2. It uh....sucked. But fortunately I inherited a pretty good laptop and I decided to look into rpg...
  4. Kilobyte


    Hi. My name is Kilobyte. I love making games especially in RPG Maker MV. I'm not experienced at the program yet, but I will make my first game soon.
  5. Nazzaire Smith

    Hey Everybody

    My name is Steve, but you all can just call me Naz or Nazzaire. I really don't have any experience with RPG Maker but I have always wanted to put something together and this could be enjoyable for people. I have a couple of ideas but don't really know what might come of any of it.
  6. Thundertide

    Hi Im new

    I was told to say I'm new so here I am!
  7. S


    Hello, I'm just a student who enjoys to create games. efe
  8. Morriganna

    Hello World! I'm New...

    I'm new to the world of RPG maker but I'm a quick learner... I really hope to develop my rpg making skills.
  9. Tyler Ryan


    Hi there! My name is Tyler I am just a simple 17 year old who digs video games, music, anime, and almost everything geeky. Im in school learning how to become a game creator. I also teach myself art, code, guitar, and animation. It's a pleasure to meet you.
  10. BenDemonator

    Huru From the "Guru" ("Burke's Backyard" reference there!)

    Damn right you are. And, I will be your teacher. And, yes, Ferris Bueller will be back and centre in the classroom, probably dozing off again. Hello to y'all. I am new to the whole RPG Maker MV realm, and I have just started utilising various resources to populate my new "project". It is in the...
  11. Magilicous

    Mandatory Hello

    I'm forced to make this hello for the profile. Hello there! I am Magilicous, a new person in the RPG Maker field! I have MV in my possesion, which is where I program my games. I have three working on, two of them with working titles (Paths of Time and Project B) while the third is too early to...
  12. Benjamin Spang

    Hey All!

    I'm new here, and haven't had much experience with RPGs but I am in love with story telling and plan to make these stories the strongest aspect of my games. I mainly chose games to convey those because I like the thought of the one who is experiencing the story having an equal part of telling...