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  1. Macro

    Name one thing that you added to your MV Project today

    I notice when I force (uh, motivate?) myself to add at LEAST one addition to my game each day, that it helps me do so on the next day as well. Then sometimes even more things are added because I get the rhythm going more. However, if I skip a day, then I get lazier and lazier. How about you...
  2. Storytailor

    What Are Your RM Goals?

    Ultimately, what is your hope with RPG Maker MV (large scale, small scale, long-term, short-term)? Are you looking to commercially sell your product across multiple online stores, or is this all about having a fun little hobby and making things for yourself and maybe a few others? Is game making...
  3. FelixSynth

    FelixSynth Joins The Party!

    Hello all. I'm a game developer working on a few different projects at the moment. I learned C++ programming about 6 years ago in high school. Currently I use unity with C# but I've dabbled in quite a bit different tools and languages over the years. RPG maker was the first tool I ever used back...