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  1. RedEyedRocker

    RedEyedRocker - Introduction

    Hey, Hey! You, You! I'm Red. I'm a Gamer who loves Gaming, Anime, Programming and Digital Art. Sayonara!
  2. Kiyunah

    "Hello World!"

    As a blossoming programmer, that's the first thing you're supposed to type in order to receive good luck! ;) Hello everyone, My name is Tanner, display name Kiyunah. (A first name, last name combination of my favorite K-Pop artist, Kim Hyunah) You're welcome to call me either and/or both. I'm...
  3. Lore

    Building Gaming Networks

    Hey folks! About a month ago, I posted a thread asking people to post friend codes for anyone who had the new Nintendo Switch. No one replied to it, though it was viewed multiple times. But it got me thinking... as a community of Gamers, Developers, Artists and the like, the one thing we have...
  4. Lore

    Switching It Up! Nintendo Switch Friend Codes

    Hey folks! With the release of the Nintendo Switch, I wanted to know who has it, and if you guys feel up for it, add me as a friend :D My Friend Code is 5944-8936-6187 Thankfully, you don't need to add the SW to the friend code. :) Feel free to post your Friend Codes here too!
  5. Xyphien

    Player.Me Gaming Social Media + Good Promotion for your games

    Https://player.me is a new gaming social media that already has 250k members on it! It is a great way to get in touch with your fellow gamers, as well as a great place to start up a group for your games, etc. It can be a great way to help promote your game, and get it out there, as well as a...
  6. Aisling Starr


    I'm kinda just here. Came here to the forums because I'll be working on a game called "Garandō" once I get the funds for a better pc and RPG Maker MV. (https://www.booster.com/saving-for-my-career If you'd like to check out the fundraising for it.) So, uh...Yeah. If you have any questions, let...