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  1. AniMANIA7983

    Nobody Holds The Key DEMO

    The Nobody Holds The Key DEMO has been released. Nobody Holds The Key is an RPG Maker MV game starring a group of archeologists as they search through an ambandoned mansion. Or so they think. This mansion contains three orphans, a dark past, and many secrets. The game is still in development...
  2. Lore

    Building Gaming Networks

    Hey folks! About a month ago, I posted a thread asking people to post friend codes for anyone who had the new Nintendo Switch. No one replied to it, though it was viewed multiple times. But it got me thinking... as a community of Gamers, Developers, Artists and the like, the one thing we have...
  3. sage

    What are your favorite RPG Maker games?

    There are a lot of RPG Maker games out there. Many good ones, and many more bad ones. Which ones are your favorite? Is there something you think that a RM game has to have in order to grab your attention early on? What turns you away from a RM game? What types or genre of RM games are your...
  4. Xyphien

    GameHandout - Post and get games FREE

    Incase no-one has heard of GameHandout it's been a small project of mine for about... 5 years or so. Originally starting out as a blog where I reviewed games and gave them out it developed into a forum where you get forum currency for posting, that you can then trade in for games for free. It's...
  5. Lore

    A Musical Conversation

    Hi folks! This game is one you've probably heard of before. Playing is easy - using only a song title, you need to continue the story, the first line of which will NOT be a song title, but will be posted below. The more the song title makes sense in relation to the song title before and/or the...
  6. Xyphien

    Player.Me Gaming Social Media + Good Promotion for your games

    Https://player.me is a new gaming social media that already has 250k members on it! It is a great way to get in touch with your fellow gamers, as well as a great place to start up a group for your games, etc. It can be a great way to help promote your game, and get it out there, as well as a...
  7. SalmonWine

    Bad/Overly-Ambitious Game Ideas

    Let me tell you a story about my attempted first game, The Four Fundamentally, if this game were to be made it would NOT be made in RMMV, but seeing as how it was the only program avaliable to me (on free trial, mind you) i tried to use it. It taught me a LOT of hard lessons about making games...
  8. Lore

    Change One Word

    Hey guys! So here's a game that I figured we could play similar to the "Continue the Sentence" game that's been running for ages. Here's how it works - I'll write something, and the next person has to change 1 word in that line to make something else. For example: Poster 1: Apple Pie Poster...
  9. Gemluv

    Yo..Gemluv here.

    Hey... Uh..sup? I'm Gemluv... I guess. I do music sometimes, art, and i'm probably making some darkish RPG MV games. ;) I guess if it's okay, shoot me a message on your stuff. Kool?
  10. Chibae

    Request for animated battler.

    Hi so I need someone to make a animated battler for me. here what she looks like, here is her face sets : the thing is I want it a tallish battler. like this tall: here is a description of her: Chibs is a Evil half demon from the demonic world, she finds pleasure in others pain, she is a...
  11. Viridea

    What's up?

    Heyo! I'm new here and I have had RPG Maker VX Ace for a while now, and I just recently got MV. I'm an artist and I have been working on a visual novel called Viridescent Dragon for a few years. I have been wanting to make an rpg adaptation of it, but I kinda suck at using scripts, myself. I'm...
  12. SkullWolf

    Simple Intro About Me December Meadows

    I love making games and playing them. Currently I'm making a game with RPG Maker MV, yet I own every edition of the RPG Maker series because they all have there own unique twists. I'm learning to make tilesets and hope to post my creations soon. I have custom characters with many face...
  13. samorious

    What is the best way to distribute your Game?

    Hello everyone, The title actually says all. Past couple of days I had been wondering, if I were to destribute a game (selling or giving away for free). What would be the best method to do that. I am totally new to this area and I don't think I am the only one. If anyone knows anything about it...
  14. Companion Wulf

    MV Games on Kongregate

    I've noticed that there are a few games popping up on Kongregate that have been created with MV. I think it's really cool. Here are the ones I know of (so far): Carpe Diem Diary of A Cat Medieval Cop: Death of a Lawyer Medieval Cop: The True Monster If you know of any others, I'd be...
  15. MinisterJay

    RETRO Black and White RPG Games

    I can think of so many usages of ALL images being black and white. When growing up, we actually had a black and white tv. Colored images are nice, but there are so many things you can do with black and white. You can do dark gloomy forest encounters, dismal dungeons, are go all retro styling...
  16. MinisterJay

    Trying to Make a 'Tru' 2D Game

    I was thinking of dimensions. For 3D, we have height, width, and depth. For 2D, we are suppose to have only height and width. Looking at a lot of traditionally classified 2D games, we actually do encounter a lot of 3D. Look at the placement of a traditional building in basically any RPG...
  17. Cunechan

    Creepypasta/Horror Games

    I know this topic is totally 2013 but I'd like to know if you are into horror, into gore, into creepypastas. Do you like game versions of horror or creepypastas? If yes, why or if no, why not? Did you ever play any or saw lps whatever. Do you think they're ridiculous and useless? Just tell me i...
  18. C. D. Cerda

    Thoughts of a Squirrel King: The 5 Ws of character building.

    Hello everyone, and welcome to my first Thoughts of a Squirrel King post for MV. Today we will be talking about something that has recently come to my attention as a good tool for helping writers to make their characters. This was brought up in a chat by a few other people, but I have used this...