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  1. SteveHead

    Open an Item Box during a dialog

    Hello ! I have a very important question for my game. I want to do a phase like Ace Attorney games where the player can, by pressing the key PageUp, open a sort of Item Box where he can see the key items he got with a little description. Did you know how it can be possible ? PS: Excuse my very...
  2. Boy Who Codes

    How does gender affect character entirely?

    I am doing a plugin called Gender Select, but at the same time I think it is useless if it just allows you to select a female or a male character and that's it. So, in order to make my plugin way better, what and how does gender of the character affect the gameplay to you?
  3. Storytailor

    Game Doesn't Load...

    I feel someone else may have had this issue, but I can't find the thread - I've been working on my game a fair amount the past few days but haven't come around to testing it... until today! I wanted to see how the smaller maps looked on-screen, so I pressed the 'Launch' button... and 5 minutes...
  4. Trumully

    I Played LOTRO for YouTube

    My video of my episode 1 gameplay of LOTRO! Tell me what you think! No commentary as I prefer none and I don't know what to say XD