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  1. Stevushka

    RPG Maker Game: 'Suits: A Business RPG'

    Hey everyone, I just wanted to take the time to share a great game with you all, and one of the first, main inspirations for my game: Suits: A Business RPG This great game was developed by Technomancy Studios, a team composed of recent graduates from my high school. (Gotta support my "Sister...
  2. Aisling Starr

    Sorry. (Mini-vent(?)) (Garando/Youtube/Shop)

    I'm sure no one remembers me, so I'll just give a small introduction. Hello! My name is Aisling. Aisling Starr. I'm a game creator that uses RPGMMV, and is still learning how to use RPGMMV. I'm 18 (I know, age is wrong on profile ><), and I'm, what most would call, a "female", although I...
  3. Xyphien

    GameHandout - Post and get games FREE

    Incase no-one has heard of GameHandout it's been a small project of mine for about... 5 years or so. Originally starting out as a blog where I reviewed games and gave them out it developed into a forum where you get forum currency for posting, that you can then trade in for games for free. It's...
  4. Xyphien

    2016 RMMV Awards!

    Hello RMMVers! 2016 is over, and 2017 has begun! This means it's time for our first ever Game Awards! The following games are available to vote. In order to vote simply cast your vote using the poll here: Mystery Dorm Author:MUHD ADIB One Day Left Author:Dad3353 Skelee's Halloween...
  5. MinisterJay

    "Paintings" Needed for Poem Themed Game Museum

    This is indeed may not be the typical "artist needed" classified ad. I am looking for multiple artists of different skill levels to interpret one line of the following poem. The Promised Nights Oh behold the time, the time to unite. Our cause be together, together fights. Look the many for to...
  6. Lore

    Potential Badge/Avatar Service Offer [Free/Paid]

    Hi folks! Many of you may be aware of the Badge contest the forums are holding at the moment (if you haven't heard about it, you can find it here). Now, if anyone looks at that post, you'll see that I love making badges. What I'd like to know is, if I were to provide a service to create badges...
  7. DolorIpsum

    Worst Game Ever Event?

    After being inspired by the recent Halloween contest as well as the visual novel Atashi no Riri, which was made for a "worst visual novel ever" contest, I wish to host a Worst RPG Maker Game Ever event! In one month, people, either individual or in teams, will have to create a game that is the...
  8. padr81

    Remnants of Ardrus

    Demo at bottom of Page or Here Synopsis: The game is based around the story of 2 main characters. Fionn and Aoibhe. Its set 20 or so years after a war which nearly tore the world apart when the armies of Ardrus, a nation of people who are born with what is known as "the gift" tried to...
  9. Magilicous

    I Got A Plan And I Need Your Help (Two-Way Story)

    So I got a new idea for a game. Two games, same universe, same starting point. The difference being, the main character. Depending on the protagonist you choose (a boy, Atro and a girl, Atra) the characters, plot points and storyline are different due to the different ways the protags act (Atro...
  10. I

    RPGLand: Development Updates

    Hello, fans of RPG Maker games. I'm working on a game called RPGLand. This thread will be used for updates regarding the game's development. I will also answer most questions about the about the game. I am open to suggestions and feedback on my game. On rare occasions, I will let users...
  11. Xyphien

    Player.Me Gaming Social Media + Good Promotion for your games

    Https://player.me is a new gaming social media that already has 250k members on it! It is a great way to get in touch with your fellow gamers, as well as a great place to start up a group for your games, etc. It can be a great way to help promote your game, and get it out there, as well as a...
  12. Avarice

    Two truths, One lie.

    The game is simple. You have to state two truths, and one lie. Your statements can be anything: general facts, a trivia, or information about you. People will have to guess through replies which of your three statements is a lie. Reply to the person who guessed your lie right! I start: I have...
  13. Arythorn

    Past Futures - Plot Feedback Wanted

    (This is the Product of Feedback from my OLD Plot Idea for "Galvora's Daughter") This post may be long, but it should, hopefully, have enough detail for readers to get the idea of where I am going with this one... I hope you enjoy. I tried not to reveal too much plot, but if you like the...
  14. RevJoystick

    Multiverse (Used to be called TimeLine)

    Hello! I Am making a game called Multiverse. It is about a few kids who sign up for an experiment on the human race. When something goes wrong, The kids rip a hole in the time space continuum and allow other universes to float into theirs. The timelines all create new universes, thus creating a...
  15. Cynter

    I need help with my new RPG/MMO

    Hey, I need help with mah game c: 1# Is there a way I could make items(swords, axes, etc), armor, hats, necklaces, boots etc. appear on my character ingame when I equip them from my inventory? 2# How to make a skill levelling + xp gain (from combat and training) script or something... It could...
  16. SalmonWine

    SILENCE (Official RPG Thread)

    Silence is an RPG created by a small group of people hoping to create a game for those who want a challenge. "All power comes with weakness" Every strength can be beaten. Where's the fun in collecting a +5 ATK sword, then a +20 ATK, then a +50 and so on...when you can have true decision. Maybe...
  17. Bizarre Monkey

    Crowfeast (MV) Development Preview

    I just started today so don't expect anything big for AAAGES but here is what is so far implemented in the crowfeast game. -Idle Poses -Walk Poses -Run Poses -Messageboxes are pretty much where I want them, already. Here's a video showing all that. I also finally got my chance to use that...
  18. Myzt

    51st F or proceed to101 F ?(RPG Revenant Dogma)

    Okay I know this is insanely off topic...(though game related question in some way) For anyone who is playing RPG Revenant Dogma Ethereal Est Hell Dungeon: Is it advisable to proceed unto 101F immediately? Thing is...When I reached 90F+ Those SLIMEZ are hard hitting and very sturdy...even...
  19. Myzt

    What type of GRINDER are you ? :D

    In any RPG or any game genre related. What type of GRINDER are you? :)
  20. cccviper

    Hoi fellow game fans!

    I just joined and wanted to greet you. Also because leaving one thing uncrossed off would bug me. Quicklisting some favorite things of mine Umbreon from Pokemon (profile picture) Annihilator heli from GTA Toothless from how to train your dragon Tails from Sonic Engineer from TF2 Black and yellow...