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  1. Stevushka

    RPG Maker Game: 'Suits: A Business RPG'

    Hey everyone, I just wanted to take the time to share a great game with you all, and one of the first, main inspirations for my game: Suits: A Business RPG This great game was developed by Technomancy Studios, a team composed of recent graduates from my high school. (Gotta support my "Sister...
  2. Stevushka

    The Adventures of Todd: A School RPG (TAT:ASRPG)

    I'm currently working on a game called 'The Adventures of Todd: A School RPG'. What started as a simple, crappy idea back in August of 2016, has evolved into so much more, and became my passion. I've been working on the plot and making some soundtracks up until now, but the actual development...
  3. Valancet

    Krysala: Birth (Demo Available)

    *DEMO NOW AVAILABLE* in the Demos and Testing section. The demo is file is fairly large since it isn't optimized. Credits are included in the folder. Some things aren't final such as the title screen. With no ingame manual implemented yet just play around to see what can be done and shoot me...
  4. Macro

    Everyday Life Stuff that Reminds YOU of an RMMV Member

    After seeing @Amysaurus post in her status about "micro" and "macro" definitions, I thought, "how about a thread for mentioning when you think (fondly or humorously) of a member?" So just yesterday, I was at the store and saw a book called "Dinosaur Kisses", which was a children's Valentine's...