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  1. G

    Planet series: EP1 crytalis planet 1.1

    In a world where 6 heroes need to save the planet from the demon that brakes the crystals . Can our heros fix them or will the demon destroy the planet, you will have to play find out. Please note: Battle system is turn bases ATB with 6 players in battle no row changes nor formations no world...
  2. Killer Gin

    RPG Maker MV Memory HOG! Crashes!

    OMG guys! I just had to post this, this is for anyone that is experiencing memory issues with RPG Maker MV //////////////////////////////////// RPG Maker MV has a major Memory issue!! RPG Maker MV Game Process: My Mac = 22MB of memory (Full Standalone Version) My PC = 12MB of memory (Full...
  3. Barchetta

    Generator Part Fix

    No credit can go to me for this is a simple fix to a generator part that was flawed in the MV TV Male folder. If you feel like crediting me for posting the fix, by all means but please give credit to Kadokawa/Enterbrain Didn't want to upload this as 2 separate files in the completed...