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  1. vico

    M.U.G.E.N.-based Battle System

    M.U.G.E.N.-based Battle System Hi everyone! I hope you're having a very nice 2017 start! I came here to request something "peculiar" for the RPG genre, something that was born out of my head after hours of playing. Well, let's start... Introduction There is a lot of fans of RPGs and...
  2. sage

    Defeated in Battle

    Defeat the person above you in battle. Keep it fun. Keep it creative. Example: Sage: "I rush you with a stick." Xyphien: "I grab your stick, snap it in half, and shove it in your eyeballs." Sage: "While you're stabbing my eyeballs, I pull out my trusty backup stick and stab you in the heart."...
  3. Admiral Crayon

    How do you create your bosses?

    I've come to the part of my project where I need to setup my first boss! But here's the thing: I'm really lacking some creativity right now. According to me, a boss isn't just another normal enemy that hits harder and has more hp. No, a boss needs to implement something that's new to the game...
  4. Val Ray

    RPG Fighter League - A Battle to Finish! (DEMO is out)

    RPG - Fighter League - A Battle to Finish! - (link to dev blog on this project) Demo / Prototype / Link Google Drive (330 mb) For fans of old classic RPG / JRPG fighting mecanics in a world full of secrets and great characters. I would like to have your thoughts on my project thank you! :D...