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  1. Chibae

    Finding Chibi - Working title - Game project

    Many months ago I made a Finding chibi project for Indie in a week on RPGMAKERVXACE forums, and after it was over I decided to remake it do up the story more and here I am with a little update. link to original project :http://www.rpgmakervxace.net/topic/34423-indie-in-a-week/?p=236368 download...
  2. Chibae

    EvilChibi's rooooodest Campaign

    Hai, i am Evilchibi, most people know me as the rooooodest person, or Evilllll!!! (With 5 L's) others probably don't know me at all. I try to contribute as much as i can do this forum. I do try to give positive feedback when I can, and if anyone wanted help I try and help them. I have...
  3. Chibae

    AMA EvilChibi

    Ask me anything, I will answer to the best of my abilites. :)
  4. Chibae

    Chibi's Let's play

    Hi my name is EvilChibi, or chibs to my friends, on other places I am chibievil. You may have seen me around, if not Ah wells, your loss. Anyways I do let's plays or livestreams. starting up again after a long hiatus :P. Stupid Fallout 4 taking up my time. Well Yeah i do let's plays mainly well...