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  1. Dalton Sayre

    5 New Robots v 2.0a

    Click on history above to find download link ***Fixed issue with Green Bot, fixed issue with Security Bot, added Pincer Bot*** 5 new bots, face, walk, diagonal, idol, sv_actor, sv_enemy, enemy, face free to use in any project. must credit Kadakowa/Enterbrain must own valid copy of RMMV Tested...
  2. DragonX7

    Battle Plugin - Enemy Name Text Color Based on Difficulty

    I hope I am posting this in the correct place. I wasn't able to find this anywhere else or via Google. If I missed it, please let me know with the link. I think it will be something that everyone could use in their game. Basically, the idea would be to change the text color of the enemy name...
  3. Kazz

    A boss enemy sprite for a side-view battle system?

    Uh, if anyone is willing, I'd like to request a boss enemy with the following description: A translucent red (think avatar) woman with white, red-laced wings, brown-orange hair, and rune markings on her face (it doesn't matter if she's in a flying pose or not). She wears a toga and wields a...
  4. Lore

    Enemy Balancing

    Hey folks, Just a quick question to ask - How do you guys go about balancing your enemies? I've tried a few different ways but they just don't seem to work well, like they'll be too weak or too strong as per the character level. What do you guys do to work these out?
  5. casper

    Invisible enemy in battle

    Hey there, I can't work this out I've been trying for a while, basically The Minotaur.png (that comes with rpg maker mv) is Invisible both in game and in the battle test. I have tried using both SV enemies (which I have had on since the start of my game) and I even tried switching to front view...
  6. Admiral Crayon

    [Solved]Erase enemy from battle.

    Hello fellow makers! Here's my problem: I have made a small battle scene in which an enemy jumps into a big robot. It is mainly made using this plugin: http://yanfly.moe/2015/10/12/yep-5-action-sequence-pack-2/ At some point, the enemy becomes invisible to give the illusion that he...
  7. sage

    Enemies Sage's Battlers

    I'm starting a little project to make some battlers for you guys. I've started the fun by making a slime monster. I heavily encourage suggestions. What foe would you like to see next? Wolves? Rats? Other creatures? Faeries? Monsters? People? Gods? I'd like to know!
  8. Totle Starwind

    Plugin to use standardl side view battler as enemy

    Hi I just want to request about a script that allows the official side view battlers (even those that are created from the character generator) as enemy battler.