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  1. T

    MV 1.6.x boss enemies from my game resource pack 1.0

    a enemy resource pack for rpg maker mv these were made for my game im currently makeing it contains 4 boss enemies form my game which costs $5.00 thank you for purchaseing this and have a great day
  2. T

    MV 1.6.x robot enemies resource pack 1.0

    here is a robot enemy pack for rpg maker mv contains 4 robot enemies which costs $5.00
  3. Riku Masamune

    Balancing Issues...

    Sometime enemies do 0 and sometime the actors can't even hit them. I've tried so many workarounds ie; Yanfly enemy levels and Class leveling stats. But, same results and half the times the enemies after 10 levels KO the actors after a hit. So... I need help with proper balancing. Even the...
  4. sage

    Enemies Sage's Battlers

    I'm starting a little project to make some battlers for you guys. I've started the fun by making a slime monster. I heavily encourage suggestions. What foe would you like to see next? Wolves? Rats? Other creatures? Faeries? Monsters? People? Gods? I'd like to know!
  5. MinisterJay

    Chibi Style Enemies???

    Does anyone know if any RPG Maker games have been made with just Chibi style characters and enemies? I do not mean human and humanoid races, but using the 'Big Head' style for enemies/monsters?
  6. Sasaki-Kaemon

    Resources Not Showing Up - HELP!

    So I do the same method I'm seeing everywhere I go and for some reason RMMV is not showing them at all. I put everything in the appropriate folder and I even make sure the images are in PNG format and the music is in M4A format or OGG depending on where they go. Nothing shows up. Tried several...