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dungeon crawler

  1. FleshToDust


    Story: You are travelling across the ocean for an unknown reason but then as you're sailing you find yourself in dangerous waters. The tide growing strong and suddenly you lose control of the boat and hit something! Your boat is damaged. You drift off to sea... Suddenly you wake up. What...
  2. Tuomo L

    Strangers of the Power 2

    Abstract Strangers of the Power 2 is a sequel that seeks to improve and expand upon the formula of the original and help bring more of the same kind of a game that people got with the original. This topic, just like the game itself is WIP and will receive various updates. Story The castle...
  3. Mr. Trivel

    Tiny World

    You play as a <Character Class> who found himself/herself in some world. Uncrossable river, seas, mountains, there’s no escape and so he dives straight into a dungeon to search for an escape route from it. Knight - Sturdy warrior from unknown lands seeks to escape back to them. Archer -...