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  1. Mr. Open

    Message text editing?

    Hello! I was trying to make my in-game messages more varied and I was wondering if there's a way to make the text or the dialogue box written in Bold or in Italics? If no, is there a script for RPG Maker MV enabling it? I know there was no such option in VX Ace, but there was a script made by...
  2. SteveHead

    Open an Item Box during a dialog

    Hello ! I have a very important question for my game. I want to do a phase like Ace Attorney games where the player can, by pressing the key PageUp, open a sort of Item Box where he can see the key items he got with a little description. Did you know how it can be possible ? PS: Excuse my very...
  3. Zack

    Monster Garden [Released]

    Hi! I somehow just discovered this forum, but I've been working on my game for 1.5 years! I'm doing the graphics and programming, and two friends are doing sound and music. It's as simple as walking around, exploring weird areas, and meeting monsters to live in your garden. But there are many...
  4. monyarm

    Script calls run in the wrong order.

    im currently using this plugin https://gist.githubusercontent.com/jeremyckahn/3990e87240d68bf227da/raw/360f1af338916f3585e2e8a311b9525428774f1f/ExecScript.js which lets me run whole js files through an event script call, and this is the file im using http://pastebin.com/tEY5Hp18, currently i am...
  5. SepulcherGeist

    Theory & Tips for Great Dialogue

    I find myself wishing to help provide to the RPG Maker MV community. However, I lack any meaningful artistic ability outside of prose, characterization, plot structure, and dialogue. I’ve decided to share some quick and dirty writing tips for those who love RPG Maker, but become frustrated with...