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  1. nijineko

    Whole map versus Room-by-room?

    My current project is to recreate an homage version of a very old ASCII rogue-like as a mobile game. The maps from this game consists of walls, doors, secret doors, and openings. The maps also featured one-time fog of war (once explored, always revealed). In rooms, one could find things like...
  2. Alice Bunny

    Title Backs? Where can I find some and how to make it work?

    Hey, everybody! I'm back with a new, pretty basic request: Title backgrounds. I want to upload my own unique wallpaper for the title screen, but I can't seem to find a good place that keeps them. I'm also not sure what file types MV accepts for this sort of thing. The pics I uploaded to be used...
  3. jaye

    Hm? Opinions Needed

    I wanted to have an interface with different variables and etc display. A screen border basically around the game screen. How does this look? (Ignore the map :))
  4. Stevushka

    Side Mission Ideas?!?

    Hey all, as I'm working on my game, The Adventures Of Todd: A School RPG, I've hit a wall! The problem is, I can't think of any more side missions! (I only have 2-3 atm) For those of you that don't know, TAT:ASRPG is the story of a boy named Todd, as he goes through childhood and adolescence...
  5. jaye

    [Closed] I need someone who is experienced in js for mv

    Hello, I am in need of a personal who can do javascript. I can pay, but not too much. So reasonable pricing. I need a whole menu design. If interested and more details, please reply or contact me via sugarzoozoo@email.com.
  6. consolcwby

    Need Help With Puzzle Design

    Hi everybody! I'm new to this site and RMMV, but not programming. I am AWFUL coming up with ideas for puzzles and I was hoping if people here could weigh in on some general ideas. It might even give others some food for thought. (But if I posted in the wrong place, I apologize in advance.) So...
  7. Admiral Crayon

    How do you create your bosses?

    I've come to the part of my project where I need to setup my first boss! But here's the thing: I'm really lacking some creativity right now. According to me, a boss isn't just another normal enemy that hits harder and has more hp. No, a boss needs to implement something that's new to the game...
  8. Tennetry

    Combat Mechanics; Behind the Curtain of War

    In games combat is a fairly hefty chunk of most of them, not all, but most. In a lot of cases a good combat system can make a game, embedding its self in the hearts and minds of gamer's for generations. (See Final Fantasy 7), Incidentally a bad mechanic will relegate a game to ever mounting...
  9. Drkvixn

    Time for some sprite design and- ...Oh dear...

    Decided to do some sprite design for my project and got partway through before realising... there is now a thing called side view battlers... So doomed... Walking and even damage sprites are okay but those battler sprites are making the process four times harder! Getting my characters ponytail...
  10. MinisterJay

    Game Design Uniting Global Communities

    One thing I love about being part of game design teams is that you can meet a diversity of people, coming from different cultures and traditions. People coming from a variety of belief systems adds a precious richness to the total story line of a long project. There are also a large variety of...
  11. Sideroxylon

    Pixel artist and math genius for huge open world Adventure-RPG

    I am looking for help with my current game project. Details are provided here: http://www.teamups.net/teamup/1137/What-Makes-Us-Human-Overture You can contact me on that site or per pm.
  12. Iron Croc

    Character Costume Design

    How much thought do we really put in to the costume design of our characters? How much "real-world" logic are we going to allow into our game(s)? What are your personal methods? Do you give that one chick gravity-defying hair, knowing fully well that hair doesn't work that way IRL? Or do you...