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  1. CT_Bolt

    MV 1.6.x Custom Timer System 1.1

    Title: CT_Bolt's Timers System Current Version: v1.10 Description: An extremely customize-able timer system for RPG Maker MV Feature List: List coming soon, very very many to list. Screenshots Settings & Examples How to Use (basic use): For the following...
  2. CT_Bolt

    MV 1.6.x CT_Bolt's Game Over System 0.2

    CT_Bolt's Game Over System (v0.2) Very minimal at the moment and only allows to change the ME played upon Game Over. Made this mainly to solve to this post: cant-find-a-way-to-have-custom-game-over-music Current Features: Play a custom Game Over Me specified by a game variable. Variable ID(s)...
  3. Dalton Sayre

    Enemies Working on robot battlers

    I am currently working on a few custom robot battlers. I have finished and posted three automated turrets, I will be posting a few robots soon. I have a highly ambitious goal of eventually creating a reformatted character generator for automatons and cyborgs, but I am far from ready for that...
  4. tyler lions

    [Paid Commission] for custom tilesets

    looking for rpg maker MV custom tile sets, and custom objects. -custom indoor tile sets & -custom outdoor objects and building designs. if you are interested contact me and I will explain all the details. feel free to name your price, just contact me, or email me at tylerlions@live.com
  5. Arythorn

    Allow M4A Files to Show in Game

    So I have custom composed a Track for my bgm folder, have made sure the file is an M4A file but it is not showing up in the actual Games options. I have also noticed the HTML 5 Files above each sound. Is this why my piece is not showing? Or is it something else? Thanks In Advance, BeeTree P.S...
  6. zath

    [Commission] Music (and sound effects)

    Hey Makers! I'm a composer, and I write music for RPGs. I've mostly been shuttered away making music for projects that haven't been published yet, but this is definitely what I consider my career. (Not carrying mail. Yeah, I work for USPS, begrudgingly. All respect to mail carriers, but I'm...
  7. MinisterJay

    MinisterJay's Multi-Tasking Workshop

    MinisterJay's Workshop Image and Mapping Workshop Tired of the the standard MV RTP style of flora maps? Custom trees, bushes, flowers, and mushrooms can work with RTP buidlings and characters. Forested maps can even convert them to RETRO Black and White: Even 'Tru 2D' forested maps...
  8. Xyphien

    RMMV Text Commands

    Hello everyone, I'm going to show you all how to customize your RMMV chat! I'm unsure if you know, but you can change the font color and font size for everything. You're able to change the font color by simply putting in the following text before a word: \c[0] \c[1] \c[2] \c[3] \c[4] \c[5]...