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  1. Xyphien

    MV 1.6.x QMV Master Plugin - Action Combat, Line of Sight, Popups & More! 2019-02-24

    This product was made by quxios and I have complete permission to upload it on this website! This demo comes with the following: QUpdate QSight QPopup QPlus QPathfind QMovement QInput QABS + Skillbar QABS + Gauges QABS ================= What they do: QUpdate: A Plugin to check if your...
  2. Sonicfx07

    Completed Gun Based Action Combat

    Hi guys, This time I need a unique kind of combat system for my game. How I plan on making it work is battles are real time and are initiated by touching an enemy on the "outside" or "inside" map. Overworld map battles are initiated at random where no enemies are seen wandering. When in battle...
  3. quiloulou

    draw skill system

    google traduction because i'm french Hello i would like to know if someone would be kind enough to develop a script to draw spells Each spell will draw one of the spells and the rest of the battle will be classically drawn, the spells drawn will be in the spell option and when used they will be...
  4. masonbowers25

    Need help resolving TypeError

    Hi All, I have a standard combat that runs at the end of a conversation and then leads into a new conversation but at the end of the combat but before the the second conversation starts I get the error "TypeError Cannot read property 'name' of undefined". I have disabled plug ins and it still...
  5. SalmonWine

    Requesting help from Combat Formula experts

    Some of the skills im adding currently to my game Silence are odd and can't be coded normally, so i need some help! 1.) Any way of increasing an attack's individual critical chance? Like make some attacks have a high crit chance and others have particularly minute attacks. 2.) Need help making...
  6. Cynter

    Help needed with a new RPG.

    Hey everyone! I'm currently working on a new RPG and my mind has run into errors. I have a pretty clear idea of what I would like to have in my game and how everything would work. I'm sure all of you know how RPG Maker MV has this "battle screen" system in it... I started using this program...
  7. Tennetry

    Combat Mechanics; Behind the Curtain of War

    In games combat is a fairly hefty chunk of most of them, not all, but most. In a lot of cases a good combat system can make a game, embedding its self in the hearts and minds of gamer's for generations. (See Final Fantasy 7), Incidentally a bad mechanic will relegate a game to ever mounting...
  8. Sethorion

    Real-Space Combat / Movement

    I'm looking for a real-space combat plugin: Instead of entering Battle Mode and making turn-based attacks, your character would move on the map and slash at enemies and take damage when attacked, like you would in the old Zelda games. A great plugin that accomplished this in VX Ace was the...
  9. MinisterJay

    Plugin Request: Both Sides Take Damage

    I am looking at having a combat system where both sides receive damage/possible damage with each attack, for melee attacks. Each character chooses an attack and a defense before the round begins. There are multiple combinations: Attack and Counter Attack, but after a Counter Attack is...