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  1. Key

    Trading Card Game Help

    Hey there! I was hoping to make a game similar to the Yu-gi-oh Tag Force series. Your character attends school and has classic life events that you must play through while also building a deck of cards to battle others with. Obviously there will be a story and multiple side missions to...
  2. Xyphien

    Demi - Greek Edition

    Demi - Greek Edition is a RPG version of the card game I'm currently in the process of creating. Demi Card Game is a Mythology based card game with currently three types of mythology to chose from for your deck. Greek, Norse, and Egyptian. This being said this version of the game will be based...
  3. tsibley13

    [New Game] Trading Card Game Recruitment and Help!

    Hello there, beautiful RPG scholars! (cheeky) I'm new in this community so if this post is misplaced, please let me know and I will take care of it. I used to be part of a free RPG making team back when RPG Maker XP and VX was the thing but my job made me take a few years away from the system...
  4. quiloulou

    draw skill system

    google traduction because i'm french Hello i would like to know if someone would be kind enough to develop a script to draw spells Each spell will draw one of the spells and the rest of the battle will be classically drawn, the spells drawn will be in the spell option and when used they will be...