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  1. T

    MV 1.6.x boss enemies from my game resource pack 1.0

    a enemy resource pack for rpg maker mv these were made for my game im currently makeing it contains 4 boss enemies form my game which costs $5.00 thank you for purchaseing this and have a great day
  2. Alice Bunny

    Boss Rush-themed gameplay?

    I don't have screenshots or a game ready for download, so I think I'll just post my idea in here. Boss Rush-themed game. Hello everyone. I'm kind of new around here, so forgive me for any bad questions, but I need your help deciding something. I realized that there are some video games out...
  3. Kazz

    A boss enemy sprite for a side-view battle system?

    Uh, if anyone is willing, I'd like to request a boss enemy with the following description: A translucent red (think avatar) woman with white, red-laced wings, brown-orange hair, and rune markings on her face (it doesn't matter if she's in a flying pose or not). She wears a toga and wields a...
  4. Admiral Crayon

    How do you create your bosses?

    I've come to the part of my project where I need to setup my first boss! But here's the thing: I'm really lacking some creativity right now. According to me, a boss isn't just another normal enemy that hits harder and has more hp. No, a boss needs to implement something that's new to the game...