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  1. Zekroxin

    I Search some Faces, Sprites, Battlers from Legend of Dragoon

    Im searching everywhere but i cant find anything. Anyone have made something or know where i can get that? Would be reeeeally Nice!!
  2. ddblue0

    Possible to use the party's walking sprites with the front-view battle system?

    Hello everyone! I’m looking for a way to display the party’s walking sprites (so you see the backs of the characters) on top of the front view battle system in MV. So basically, a 3rd person version of the front view battle system. I have searched and found screenshots where people have...
  3. Dalton Sayre

    Enemies Working on robot battlers

    I am currently working on a few custom robot battlers. I have finished and posted three automated turrets, I will be posting a few robots soon. I have a highly ambitious goal of eventually creating a reformatted character generator for automatons and cyborgs, but I am far from ready for that...
  4. ManoMike

    Animation Cell size and other screen stuff

    Hello there! So, I'd like to know how exactly I control the cell size on attack animations. Also, is there a way to have both the animation and the battler be placed independently from the battle hud location (you know how on vanilla MV you can't place battlers where the hud is... to place stuff...
  5. Sonicfx07

    T-Rex Skeleton/Flesh Sprite Walker and Battler

    Hello, This may be difficult to accomplish, but for my game, I need a Skeleton T-Rex and Flesh T-Rex character for top-down view and battler. The characters would be roughly the same size as any character in the game. If any of you can provide, I would much appreciate it. I will credit you for...
  6. WeltallX

    Formation Locations

    Hey guys, I've been beating my head against an increasingly bloody wall for the last few days working on scripting this. What I need is the following: 1: Arrange actors in a specific grid - achieved this with changing the default max battlers to 7 and updated the SVActorPosition.js to...
  7. Orange Jones

    Graphics Spooky Halloween Battlers

    EDIT: It's Halloween, so I guess these are done! If you'd like to download them all together, check out the resource here. --- Hey guys! It's already pretty close to Halloween, but I've been drawing a couple of 2spooky halloween-y battlers and I thought I'd share. When I get a good number...
  8. sage

    Enemies Sage's Battlers

    I'm starting a little project to make some battlers for you guys. I've started the fun by making a slime monster. I heavily encourage suggestions. What foe would you like to see next? Wolves? Rats? Other creatures? Faeries? Monsters? People? Gods? I'd like to know!
  9. Chibae

    Completed Need help looking for a Plugin

    Is there a plugin for MV that, instead of face sets u use static battlers for battle portraits, like in this script for VXACE : http://forums.rpgmakerweb.com/index.php?/topic/4811-cps-battle-engine/ , here a image i am looking for : I am not sure if MV has a Plugin that does this, that dont...
  10. LTN Games

    Screenshot Critique

    I am making a better critique screenshot thread for those that want feedback on their maps, game art, etc. This one will be a bit different than the one we already have, there will be rules to follow so no one goes left unnoticed. The basics is simple, you have a screenshot and you want...
  11. Sasaki-Kaemon

    Resources Not Showing Up - HELP!

    So I do the same method I'm seeing everywhere I go and for some reason RMMV is not showing them at all. I put everything in the appropriate folder and I even make sure the images are in PNG format and the music is in M4A format or OGG depending on where they go. Nothing shows up. Tried several...
  12. MinisterJay

    Requesting Robotic Battlers

    I am developing a game where the main character's representation is a robot that she controls. Throughout the expedition the robot will encounter various life forms: biologics, botanics, geologics, mystics, and robotics. I have some Thalzon representations for most life forms. It is the...