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  1. SonarCero

    MV 1.6.x Battlers (semi supernatural) 2019-07-10

    For those who want to listen before downloading you can listen here <-link Instruments used - Standard drum kit, Standard bass, Calliope, Theremin, Glockenspiel, Piano Free to use in both commercial and non commercial works. Credit is not needed but greatly appreciated. :D
  2. CalebW

    Celestugaia A Universe of Books 1

    This game was made to co-align with a book series made about dragons. I hope you enjoy this demo and any feedback is appreciated that way I can release the full game at its maxium potential.
  3. Xyphien

    MV 1.6.x QMV Master Plugin - Action Combat, Line of Sight, Popups & More! 2019-02-24

    This product was made by quxios and I have complete permission to upload it on this website! This demo comes with the following: QUpdate QSight QPopup QPlus QPathfind QMovement QInput QABS + Skillbar QABS + Gauges QABS ================= What they do: QUpdate: A Plugin to check if your...
  4. CT_Bolt

    Need Help: Actor Sprite Location in Battle?

    I could use a bit of help on this one... Anyone know how to check X & Y position of the Actor Sprites in that are in battle? So far I've got this: BattleManager._spriteset._actorSprites["0"]._homeX BattleManager._spriteset._actorSprites["0"]._homeY Which are found using the properties of...
  5. ddblue0

    Can I achieve this using Yanfly's Battle Core?

    Hello everyone, For a few weeks now I have tried various things to recreate the following battle system in MV: https://i.imgur.com/hJWenhT.png I have trying to use Yanfly Battle Core to make this happen. By default, no party member sprites are displayed when using a front view system...
  6. ddblue0

    Possible to use the party's walking sprites with the front-view battle system?

    Hello everyone! I’m looking for a way to display the party’s walking sprites (so you see the backs of the characters) on top of the front view battle system in MV. So basically, a 3rd person version of the front view battle system. I have searched and found screenshots where people have...
  7. DragonX7

    Battle Plugin - Enemy Name Text Color Based on Difficulty

    I hope I am posting this in the correct place. I wasn't able to find this anywhere else or via Google. If I missed it, please let me know with the link. I think it will be something that everyone could use in their game. Basically, the idea would be to change the text color of the enemy name...
  8. MinisterJay

    RMMV.CO Battle Theme Music Contest (BGM)

    That is right. We are having our first ever music composition contest. This is a very special contests. The rules are simple. 1. The composition that wins this contest will be the official RMMV.CO battle theme. 2. It must be an original composition. 3. All entry submissions must be placed...
  9. MinisterJay

    Special SV Battle System Request

    I have seen this style in a game that I am playing, and was curious if this plugin is public. The player selects an image for the battle request: guard, attack, etc. There is a sword icon to attack, a shield icon to guard, and special icons of actions determined by class. Each sv actor does...
  10. jaye

    Status Ailments?

    I wanted to add status ailments to my game, but I was wondering some things. Do they stack during battle? If so, how do I keep them form stacking?
  11. Y

    Current Skill used in Battle and target

    SOLVED: (same was asked on the off forum, but with no answer so far) I 'd like to add random text to the message of a skill. I know where to add text for all skills used (in Window_BattleLog.prototype.displayAction), but can't figure out how to link current skill or target to a string. E.g...
  12. vico

    M.U.G.E.N.-based Battle System

    M.U.G.E.N.-based Battle System Hi everyone! I hope you're having a very nice 2017 start! I came here to request something "peculiar" for the RPG genre, something that was born out of my head after hours of playing. Well, let's start... Introduction There is a lot of fans of RPGs and...
  13. Whiskerwax28

    Battle Intro help

    I have been watching a lot of Echo607's tutorials, but I am coming across numerous issues. I copied her Dynamic Battle Intro, but the characters don't pose ;[ example in the notes for the battle intro skill theres things like MOTION ITEM: character 1 MOTION SKILL: character 2 etc. but they...
  14. Indsh

    Ai fir party in ABS

    H0w would you make something like "Tales of" or "Kingdom Hearts"
  15. Indsh

    Making my Action Battle System for MV

    Hey guys so I quite far into making the system but the videos go right from scratch, I don't want to make to many excuses because I want all feedback possible not matter how obvious or how "I was planning on doing that anyway" So please...go all the way in Projectiles and Transformations...
  16. Indsh

    Making my Action Battle System for MV

    Got some more videos uploading but this is what I have so far! All feedback welcome
  17. Skyrocker

    Could use some criticism on a soundtrack

    Right, so as the title suggests I made a soundtrack, and this is pretty much the very first soundtrack I've ever really made in FL Studio, (or at least the first one that I published, I do have another one but that one is alright). So all in all I am pretty proud of the result, but I'm kind of...
  18. I

    In Need of a Front View Battle Portrait of Harold

    I cannot find a front view battler of him. Harold is the default hero in RPG Maker MV (AKA: Actor 1_1)
  19. Admiral Crayon

    [Solved]Battle condition: Between x% and x% HP

    Hello peeps! I have just created an event inside a battle troop that only triggers when the enemy's HP is between 50% and 75%. Here's how I did it: My issue here is that the event sequence doesn't trigger at all and I can't tell why. The event does trigger if I take off the Enemy HP > 50...
  20. Admiral Crayon

    [Solved]Erase enemy from battle.

    Hello fellow makers! Here's my problem: I have made a small battle scene in which an enemy jumps into a big robot. It is mainly made using this plugin: http://yanfly.moe/2015/10/12/yep-5-action-sequence-pack-2/ At some point, the enemy becomes invisible to give the illusion that he...