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  1. E

    Let's make a game! Anyone welcome!

    So I previously posted that I want to make a game, but it's too big. And after watching extra credits I realized that I should start small to gain experience. So my proposition is, if anyone wants to just make games for experience sake please reply. I don't have a story to work on, but I'd like...
  2. KOC - 316

    Pixel Theater - Sprite with voices! Check it out!

    Be sure to like, share, and subscribe. It`s good and it has voice actors! Check it out people! It`s something different! I want to build supporters and I will help anyone on anything related to gaming in this department. This is not a game by the way. It`s sprite anime on rpg maker. Pixel...
  3. Createocon

    Hello all :3 Happy To Be apart of this community :3

    Hi, I'm Mike... I am an Artist that Makes video games. I've been using RPG Maker since about 2006 or '07... But only recently have I have finally learned how to properly communicate to RPG Maker,, so now I'm hoping to finally make it a permanent tool in my Dev pipeline.(something I have been...
  4. jomarcenter

    [IGMC 2017] Looking for composer and Artist with a experience on RPG maker VX Ace software.

    Hello this is MJM from Jomarcenter Gaming Studio and our team is looking for Artist who is expirence with RPG maker VX ace for our project in the creation of sprites, characters, and possibly tile-set. the reasons why specifically with an experience on RPG maker VX ace because we have our own...
  5. Eliyah Kohein


    I'm new to RPG Maker in general but am no stranger to programming. I've loved RPG's since I was a young child and have decided to try my hand at making one. Unfortunately I'm not much of an artist but hopefully I can find a talented one willing to sell their work :D Wish me luck, I'll need it!
  6. Ika_BakaKu

    Ika Teleports in!

    Hello community, You could say I am new, but not new to the RPGmaker communities, well.. I used to be very known back in the day, as creators of cancelled projects like Lands of Lunori, and A Journey's End... I am roaming around not as a game dev currently, but scouting or checking out other's...
  7. Prime Games


    Hey guys this is your boi Prime! I am seriously in need for an artist. I have no money to pay anyone, but I'm hoping someone will volunteer out of the kindness of their beautiful heart! I'm a cool dude, and I'm working on a game, and I need an artist who can make thingz! It would be nice if I...
  8. chronoata

    Recruiting for Alterra

    Hello everyone, i'm currently working on an RMMV project and is looking for any Volunteers who are interested in working together! here's a little overview of the project: ALTERRA General Information & Gameplay The game will be a semi-roguelike (step-by-step movements with battle sequence)...
  9. Stevushka

    Artist + Voice Actors Needed! (Volunteers!)

    Hey everyone, long story short, I decided to remove voice acting, and I no longer require help with the art... As a part of my school's club, FBLA, and my Senior-year Game Design Class, I now have 6 other people helping me, 3 are artists. One for face portraits, another for top-down sprites...
  10. K

    (Paid/Commission) Rune Factory Project Recruitment

    Hey Everyone! I am working on a rune factory fan game, mostly for my parents, who are fans of the series and was disappointed by the series ending, due to neverland LTD going out of business. I have a good solid story built for the game and the game world, as well as many of it's characters...
  11. MinisterJay

    Likha Recruitment

    I am working on a game called Likha. Imagine a world where the battlebot competitions have gotten so advanced, that the battlrbots are large, powerful, and humanoid. They are so powerful that different world powers want to use these technologically advanced battlebots for warfare. Many of the...
  12. Speedpaint Nightcore

    Need a team to help with game [FREE WORK][RMMV]

    Hey guys i'm back here again as my other team abandoned the project instantly.. Anyway I want to make a game based off stardew valley and if you don't kno what stardew valley is then google it and it should come up with a description for you. I want a game a lot like it but not identical to the...
  13. Synmbios

    [Paid Work] Fantasy Game for Educational Purpose

    Hello, I'll develop a fantasy game for educational purpose here in Brazil. I need help with art and mapping. I'll need: a) dragon characters, both NPCs (with 12 motions) and playable/side view battlers (with both 12 and 54 motions); b) parallax mapping; if you don't know how to create an...
  14. Phaetum

    Greetings from the Neverscape!

    Hello there and thanks for checking out my intro thread! I'm Hannah, (or Phaetum, or if you knew me from RPGmaker VX Ace forums, Neverward.) an artist, writer, and developer of awesome ideas! I'm an avid gamer and have been since I had my portable PS1 at 7 years old. I love it all, RPG's...
  15. samorious

    Visual Artist Commisioned and Free

    Hello everyone, I am offering my services to all of you. The reason I am offering commisioned and free is will be explained as followed: If it is a non-commercial project I will do it for free If it is a commercial project I will need to ask for a small commision or for royalties. I am still...
  16. Sideroxylon

    Pixel artist and math genius for huge open world Adventure-RPG

    I am looking for help with my current game project. Details are provided here: http://www.teamups.net/teamup/1137/What-Makes-Us-Human-Overture You can contact me on that site or per pm.