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  1. Xamusel

    AXA (otherwise known as Ask Xamusel Anything)

    ...well, except for the truly private details, like my SSN or related. I will not comment on those questions. However, I'll be able to preempt one particular question, by asking this: Credit Card? What credit card?
  2. Stevushka

    Steven's AMA!

    Well, as the name implies, ask me anything! (plans for the future, progress/status of my current project(s), things I've done/made in the past, not-too-personal details, etc!)
  3. jaye

    Ask Sugar Something

    I guess that I will give this a shot. Lol. Ask away!
  4. DolorIpsum

    Ask Dolor Anything and Everything!

    I saw a bunch of these and I thought 'Hey why not, it looks fun!' So go ahead and ask me whatever you'd like! \(^ヮ^)/
  5. sage

    Ask an Admin

    There seems to be a feeling of lack of communication between some members and the staff (the Admin in particular), so I'm creating and sticky-ing this thread in the hopes of remedying that problem. If there are any things troubling you about the state of the website, this is your chance to talk...
  6. Lore

    Lore's AMA Thread

    Well, I thought I'd jump on the bandwagon and post one of these things here :) So feel free to ask all the things :D
  7. Companion Wulf

    AMA - Ask The Wulf...Anything!

    Since I'm such a private person I don't often do these AMA things and, like several others here, I've been burned by them...a lot! But I thought why not?! This IS a forum I can feel comfortable in, with cool people, after all. So, if you want to know "anything" about me, feel free to ask. I'll...
  8. David Lister

    AMA - Mr. Lister

    Hey, ask me anything! It might be helpful to know that, while I don't make games, I do write music for them. Every good story deserves a unique, musical identity!
  9. JibstaMan

    AMA - JibstaMan

    Apparently, the AMA threads have gained popularity all of a sudden. I guess this is a good time to start then. I am going to see whether I can bend the rules a little. Besides questions, we can also have a discussion (about the answers, etc). Also, I want to be able to cross-examine about...
  10. Chibae

    AMA EvilChibi

    Ask me anything, I will answer to the best of my abilites. :)
  11. Khayalan

    AMA - Khayalan

    Ask me anything... woow im so creative :)
  12. sage

    Ask sage Something

    I'm @sage, the 'other' admin, maker of the emoticons, forum lurker, and more. If you have any advice, questions, opinions, favorites, etc. I'll answer them.
  13. Bizarre Monkey

    Ask Biz anything!

    "Ask not what the country can do for you, ask instead what you can do for Bizarre Monkey." ~Eric "Spoopy" Fielder. "And why, pray tell, does Biz want to engage in naughty acts with him?" ~Mitch "Da' Raven" McLaughlin "How does it feel to be rpg maker community's most hated man?" ~Reisen "I just...
  14. Seriel

    A... M.... A? (Seriel)

    I have never seen an AMA before but here we go... ask me anything! :O
  15. ragneBro

    ragneBro's AMA

    I follow the leader. Ask me anything! ^^
  16. Trumully

    AMA (Ask Me Anything) Thread!

    I love Reddit! So cool, but, ya know, I'm more of a lurker. I always liked reading the AMAs (Ask Me Anything), so I decided, why not make my own AMA thread? Go ahead. Ask me anything.