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  1. Drkvixn

    Time for some sprite design and- ...Oh dear...

    Decided to do some sprite design for my project and got partway through before realising... there is now a thing called side view battlers... So doomed... Walking and even damage sprites are okay but those battler sprites are making the process four times harder! Getting my characters ponytail...
  2. sage

    Ask sage Something

    I'm @sage, the 'other' admin, maker of the emoticons, forum lurker, and more. If you have any advice, questions, opinions, favorites, etc. I'll answer them.
  3. Storytailor

    How Do You Keep Your Map Fresh?

    With map elements being limited to a certain number of pieces (only a certain number of roofs, a couple kinds of grass and trees, a few flowers, etc.), how do you make your maps look like the same little image isn't being repeated over and over again? I'd love to hear any ideas you may have in...